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Over all I would say I enjoy living in Vail, Iowa. The Houses are extremely cheap since it is out in the country and the people are nice. The schools don't get enough funding though and are having to send students to larger towns near by. The roads are pretty bad, and there's absolutely nothing to do at night time or much variety in places to shop or eat at. However the neighbors are nice, and you don't have to always be looking over your shoulder walking at night around here.
Most people are community involved, keep their pets on leaches and don't complain about the dog next door. Most of the towns citizens have lived most of their lives in the same area if not the town.
The price of housing is average , rent is below average but there are not enough rental or housing available.
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Law enforcement in our area are more of a nuisance but are still adequate for our needs. We have to many patrol man than what is needed so they can be more of a harassment than service to the community/
Small town living is less stressful than city living but like everywhere it has it's down side. Limited shopping and entertainment spots, travel distance to work and home but I still would not trade the privacy of small town living.
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