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I come from a large city so it takes a little adjusting to slow down. Vacaville is a little busier that a town but not as busy as a large city. I love that you get to actually know your neighbors, I appreciate that there is a range of ages. It seems as though it is more of a place that you are going to raise your kids, and buy a home.
Vacaville is a medium sized town, with a smaller, hometown feel. Family friendly, and a very safe place to live. There is a lot of shopping here, and no shortage of small, local places to eat. The food diversity is nice, and Vacaville seems to be business friendly. The law enforcement here work very hard to keep to city clean and safe, and their hard work really shows.
I like vacaville's shopping choices I like that it's close to a community college food in Vacaville there are many choices the people overall are pretty friendly
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vacaville is a nice and calm city to start a family. theres not very much to do at night time but during the day the outlets are open and their is many fast food places to visit.
I grew up in Vacaville,CA. Came from the east coast (Rhode Island). I have found Vacaville to be quiet with a variety of races in the community.
Small little town with so much to do. It is a great place for families and it is a safe town. There are great shopping areas and on the weekends the Nut Tree is a really good place to go. It is pretty quiet and it is very safe. The crime rate is very small and perfect for first time homeowners and families.
It's a somewhat small town but is a busier city. Besides it being busy it still has that small home town vibe to it.
There's places that you could find anywhere you go; for example, McDonald's, Starbucks, Dutch Bros, and other chain restaurants. You also have some of your only known in Vacaville; Pure Grain Bakery, and Pelayos. Creekwalk is a huge thing as well as Fiesta Days. There is always some form of entertainment going on. The only thing I would change is the amount of homeless people around town.
California is generally an expensive place to live, Vacaville is a bit cheaper than the surrounding areas. Although it is a bit cheaper, it is still very nice. In my current location, I am only 5 minutes away from the Vacaville Premium Outlets, 2 minutes away from down down, and about 2 minutes away from a major freeway. Everything is easy accessible. So far the people I've met here have been mellow. It's a very cute town.

The nightlife here isn't very exciting, but if you're willing to travel just a bit, Sacramento isn't to far from here
I moved my daughter and I to Vacaville 4 yrs ago for a fresh start after my divorce from her father. It has been a place of safety, as well an amazing place to raise my daughter and finish LVN school.
Vacaville is a calm small town with very friendly people that has many places to eat and a bit of entertainment. What I would like to see change is to add more entertainment places to go to.
Vacaville has changed a lot since I was younger. The businesses have definitely expanded and we have a lot more to offer now with food, clothes and activities. It is located in a great area where you are just an hour or so away from Napa, San Francisco, Sacramento and just two hours or so from places like Tahoe and Santa Cruz. The area is a little dry in the summertime but there's always the local pool.
Vacaville itself is a great place to live if you prefer a quieter, more suburban type of city. There isn't a bunch of night life activities, but the neighborhoods themselves are quality without being overly expensive. The city is situated about an hour away from Sacramento and an hour and a half away from San Francisco. Excellent place to live, surrounded by many good schools.
I grew up here. It was a small farming community and even 30+ years later, it still has that same small town feel. It is hot there and you don't always get a good breeze to cool down so that is a draw back. But you can grab your back pack stroll downtown farmers market on Saturday morning and get great local produce, homemade candles and a friendly greeting by complete strangers. Or you can dance the night away at their Creekwalk concerts. There is always something to do there. And if you want to go out for a great evening you are only 45 minutes away from Sacramento and San Francisco, can't beat that! It is a great place to raise a family and even retire.
I like the bowling alley and the movie theatre. They are cheap and family-friendly. I also enjoy going to ther Outlets, because it's a safe place to shop and eat at.
Low crime rate is nice and most people take care of their houses' appearance. Mostly quiet unless you get around the busy roads and intersections. The city is expanding rapidly so a lot of what used to be open space is covered with housing developments, but that's the price that must be paid to live in such a beautiful area.
I love Vacaville because the community is close and there are many volunteer opportunities like, We love our city. One thing that I don’t like is the constant threat of fires a couple miles away from my home.
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It's a nice community. There are lots of shopping places. It's the perfect location for vacation travel; it's 1 hour to the beach and 1 hour to the snow in the other direction. Crime is pretty low. Commute time to anywhere is reasonable. However, it's not the small town it used to be. There are a lot of people moving here because it's more affordable than the Bay Area.
I have been raised and return to live in Vacaville during my breaks from University of Portland. Vacaville has a small town feel, but the exact amenities family people and students enjoy. I love Vacaville and am grateful for my humble beginnings to my life here.
Vacaville is a great place to live and raise your family. There are tons of apartment complexes and neighborhoods to choose from. It has a small town feel, with everything you could possibly want in a bigger city. The schools are great and it is safe! You will see Vacaville PD often patrolling neighborhoods and town street to ensure your safety. Houses are quite expensive, however the entire bay area has similar prices. There is excellent shopping with nearby outlet malls, restaurants and any store you may need. It is centrally located with easy access to surrounding destinations for a quick weekend trip. Napa, Sacramento, San Fransisco, and Lake Tahoe are just some of the close and convenient vacation destinations. I have lived in Vacaville for several years after living in several different states, and I can say it is overall the best city I have ever lived in.
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