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Great place to raise a family. Great schools, good shopping, many restaurants options, healthy environment, and good people.
The crime in this area is very low. I have never encountered nor seen a major crime happen. Growing up, I heard about several houses that were robbed, but they were never in my area. Since my community is composed of many families and young children, the number of young criminals is very low. Police are always close. Although they take some time to arrive at a scene of a crime, they are always around and are helpful. The worst crime I've truly come across is people speeding on the road, of which most are caught by a police officer. Overall, I feel safe in my community.
The general atmosphere here is alright. Personally, I think it is very quiet. I'm a person who likes to walk to places and be very busy, so living here is a little hard for me. I cannot drive everywhere, so the places that I can go are limited. The suburbs are nice if someone likes a quiet enviornment, however if an individual is a person who likes to keep busy, this place isn't a good fit. Personally, if I could do this all over again, I would most definitely enjoy living in a small city, or a community that has a busy air. While the area that I live in is ideal for families and those who want a strong high school education, this area is not, in my opinion, suitible for a college student or a young adult. However, I live in a very safe area, and the level of crime is very low. This is one of the perks of living where I do, because I am never scared. Overall, I'm grateful to have grown up here, as my education was high quality, and I had a quiet sheltered childhood. However, I'm excited to persue an enviornment that is catered more towards my interests.
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Someone pointed out to me that there are few to no street lamps if you don't live in downtown Downingtown. To him, this was a negative. To me, this is okay because you are probably driving, not walking, in these areas and your car should have headlights.

I am concerned about the large number of potholes in the road and the fact that not all streets have sidewalks or are safe to walk on.
It depends on what you like and dislike.

Pros: Relatively safe, Train station, parks, free public library

Cons: Limited public transportation means you must have a car
The weather in my area is perfect, so I am always able to walk around and admire the beautiful nature all over my area. There is always something to do within walking distance. The area is clean and the people living here are extraordinarily kind and welcoming. I feel completely safe in Downingtown; I definitely feel like I fit in here.
this is a great community to be in because it is not too far from the city and it is a nice area.
The crime is almost non existent in this area and when something does happen it is nothing too severe
No crime what-so-ever in this community. No shady people around. I don't see many police around but I've never scene a crime either.
I live in a small community in Exton called Eagleview. The community has many restaurants and stores from walking distance. There are also free concerts every few weeks. The atmosphere is very family oriented, safe, and friendly.
Housing in the Downingtown area is of high quality. There are not many vacant homes because the housing market is fast paced and always growing.
I have no concerns with crime in this area, the community is peaceful and well kept.
Downingtown and the surrounding areas are great places to live with lots to do and are clean and relatively safe. I would definitely choose to live in this area because of the fantastic school system and welcoming community.
The general atmosphere is fine. There isn't much to do. This is a good town to live in if you want a big house and a long commute, that being said, if you're like me and looking to rent the prices are kind of outrageous.It is a bit too far away from the city for my liking, and feels a bit like a weird combination of the wealthier suburbs that are close to the city and the backwoods of Pennsylvania.
The atmosphere is very good. I can see this area staying the same for a very long time.
My community has been growing tremendously. More and more people are moving to Downingtown to raise their families however, the job outlook has been a little difficult. Most people are business men and women and travel atleast a half hour or more to get to their job. Most of the jobs are currently in the city of Philadelphia which can be quite a travel for most people everyday.
Food and drink in this area is by far pretty darn well compared to most other places in Pennsylvania. There are a variety of restaurants from Italian cuisine to Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese etc. The food by far is the best at the local family owned and operated restaurants. Most restaurants do provide alcohol and there is always a place to hangout with friends and family. It just gets repetitive after a while going to the same places.
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The most popular stores are for sure big companies such as Wegmans, Target, and Wal-Mart. We have several local mom-and-pop stores however it's always nicer to see and be able to help out the local family owned shops rather than big business. Although, while I do enjoy the local shops they sometimes do not offer everything that you can obtain at your closet Target store etc.
This is a nice suburban area. It's about an hour from 4 major cities (Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Allentown, Newark). You can take a train to Harrisburg and Philadelphia.
I don't think there's a lot of tourism. Some people may come for the historical society and historical buildings. There are also some nice trails to walk on.
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