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I'm currently a resident of Uvalde and have lived here my entire life. I love the town and everything it has to offer. There are many activities it has to offer on a daily basis. However, my one suggestion is offering children more activities to participate in. A few years ago the bowling alley closed, taking away something many kids, teens, and even adults enjoyed doing. Though now all the children have is a movie theater to go to.
The perfect place to live if you love trees and the simple things in life. Uvalde is a beautiful city where you can get everything you need and never leave. The community is amazing with its festivals and events open to the public. There are so many things to do, yet you can also kick back and relax. There are a lot of cultures here and everyone enjoys it. Uvalde is like a dream that you don't know you're living.
I love a small community that makes everyone feel at home. Uvalde is a community that has a little bit of everything. Your favorite restaurant, small owned business from your locals, great school, great diversity of people, southern hospitality. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be born and raised. We are also very close to everyone favorite famous river, The frio! Which is great for the summer. We have our own 6 forum theater which is a great place to go on the weekend with your family! My experience here has been amazing and when I graduate from college I plan to come back to my small town and raise a family. One thing that I would like to change if I could is to keep my small town small. Uvalde has grown over the years and traffic and commute time has increased.

But I would enjoy to have this scholarship so I can fulfill my dream and be able to have a job to support a family. Thank you for the opportunity
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The experience I'm having is a lot of fun. People are friendly and very helpful as well. They have lots of fun events here, movie days, pool with the president and many more.
I like the fact that Uvalde is not a huge town, but it is also not a town with only one building. It has a fairly good balance between small and big. I wish there would be new places to go, such as new attractions and places to have fun. I also wish there was new shopping centers or stores.
Uvalde is an OK place to live. It is growing, and new businesses are opening up. I think in the future it will be great. My husband and I are likely going to move though, because the schools here are just not great, and job opportunities are fairly limited.
Uvalde has more to do than where I previously lived, which I appreciate, but the schools here are not so great.
Nice town but houses are overpriced. People are friendly but not a lot to do in this town. San Antonio is about an hour's drive away.
I grew up in Uvalde and it has been nothing but good to me. Uvalde is a place to call home, it has grown on me as a person. The one thing I would like to see is more of is more young teen activities around town like bowling or roller-skating would be fun.
Small town everyone is friendly not much of a nightlife here
very quiet town
you tend to get pulled over by the police a lot here
To be honest the area in which I currently reside is very much subdued and crime doesn't really have any influence upon it. I feel safe from most instances of danger considering the fact that many of the police officers working here are both friendly and dedicated to their profession. The streets and highways are often littered with too many highway patrol, border patrol, and country police offices to count further assuring my safety in and outside of my home.
This area and most places that surround it often make me feel like a black sheep. I'm not particularly fond of the perpetually sunny and often humid weather and the residents differ from myself in more ways than not. Really I feel no sense of belonging here and can't help but wondering if this is really where someone like myself can ever have a future. I'm sure the climate, the company, and the activities here sound like a dream turned reality, but unfortunately I am not one of them.
I have never had concerns or fears in this area. The town is small and the police have a fast response time. There hasn't been any major crimes that I am aware of. A safe small town.
I have lived in this area my entire life until I left home to attend college. The atmosphere has been friendly for as long as I can remember. There were a lot of neighbors my age and I was able to grow up with them and even start our own neighborhood club. The elementary school I attended was walking distance and I had the chance to walk to and from school. I would choose to live here again because the area was small and comforting. It held a sense of security. Considering I have not been many other places in the country I am not sure where exactly I would rank this area but I know that it is a safe area. I don't see much change happening in the future for this area. I believe it will stay the same considering that not much has changed in the previous twenty years.
Enough to room to have a party, but quiet enough to to sleep at night.
Nice and quiet and not overly crowded.
The weather is very moody, it can be freezing cold in the morning then hot in the afternoon. That's Texas for you.
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There are not to many places that are over the top nice, but the average place is okay.
HEB is one of the best companies out there, as well as Walmart, and hibbits.
I would live here again if I had the choice. It's not a real interesting place, but it is worth calling home and living here.
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