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Utica, despite not being one of the safest, and most beautiful cities, is a place nothing short on substantial in the diversity department. Within Utica if you cant find another culture to appreciate you must be walking around with your head in the sand.
Utica is a very old city. It's not clean or good to live. Stores or shops are distant from each other. It is not city and the weather is so frigid and inclement weather makes it harder to live there.
For college, I think I'd rather be away because there isn't that many opportunities here. I would rather be in an environment that's fast-paced and has a lot to offer.
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I have lived here my whole life , I love this city,there is just so much violence and also the rodes are a complete mess but to us Uticans it seems to us the city rather spend money on a new hospital or bridge than fix the rodes that has been damaged for years .. And we barely have any events for children or nightlife for adults it gets ruined by arrogant people we need more security at things like this or police , We are getting more gangs here in Utica I've been seeing or forming gangs .It's getting bad here i just hope and pray it gets better for my kids sake
It’s a great town with good people, and decent neighborhoods, especially on the south side of town. Whether you like it or not you’ll strive to do your best
Depending on the area, living is comfortable and generally quiet. The city overall seems to make no drastic changes for better or worse to some. However, the incentive to stay is not the general thought among residents.
Utica is a great place to live. The food here is the best in the state! There's plenty to do and we're only a few miles from the beautiful Adirondacks! A quick drive to Canada, Buffalo or NYC!
Utica is a nice town to live in. Not only that but it's also very diverse. The food in Utica is pretty good too, something about their food makes me not sick of eating the same food everyday. There are also beautiful churches in Utica that have been around for centuries and it's just absolutely stunning.
Utica is a very frightening place to have to constantly live in. Every day I live in constant fear. Education system is very flawed and generally fails to alleviate the children of their ignorance, due to generally not be compelling enough to the average kid.
It has been my home all my life, very diverse and opens my eyes about a lot of things. Could use some more businesses.
It is slowly turning into a ghetto. There is not much to do here and the people are quite rude. The food is good, I guess that is a plus.
Utica is an interesting place, there is quite a bit diversity and I have made some good friends with very different backgrounds.
My overall experience was different, alot of ethnic cruisine and friendly a neighbourhood ,commute was on time and easy to spot. I would like to see more shopping centers instead of having to travel far to shop.
Utica has many amazing things to offer; authentic restaurants of every origin, Arts, night life and shopping.
My only complaint is right in Utica itself the roads are awful, there is crime and there is a drug problem. I suppose that’s expected with any city, but the surrounding towns like New Hartford and Clinton do not have these issues. I know there’s not a lot that can be done about that so it’s a complaint that’s hardly worth mentioning, but it’s what I personally don’t like.
Overall, I love what Utica offers and I think it has a lot to do with the Refugee Center we have that brings in so many nationalities, making Utica diverse and helping to bring in more people who care about the city. There have been too many years of most of the residents (including slumlords and drug dealers) not caring.
Utica is not a very good or nice place to live. The people would sooner get themselves ahead than help anyone else.
Utica has a decent night life, but I live in the New Hartford area which is kind of run down. The nice thing about it is that you can see people are buying houses and fixing them up. So there is a potential for really nice neighborhoods and family friendly areas.
It is an extremely culturally diverse city. There is a lot to be learned from this small city. There has been a seemingly rise in potential for this area, many new opportunities have been coming to the area. Although there are jobs, there are few high paying jobs. This is why I am pursuing my master's degree in an effort to increase my likelihood of success.
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I've raised 2 children in this town. My eldest went downstate for school and never came back to live.
I believe that will be the same when my son graduates and changes colleges.
I returned to utica BY t go back to school and live in a smaller city that still had urban amenities. Its diverse, and has a lot of value in terms of cost of living!
I live in Utica and it is very nice to have a short distance to everything. The schooling is excellent for children and there are a few colleges here that people can attend right after high school. I would like to see the crime rates decrease however. There are a lot of families here in Utica and the amount of crime here should decrease in order to have a family friendly neighborhood.
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