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I like how Urbandale is very safe, everyone is friendly, the schools are good, there are also many stores close to Urbandale, but there's not that many fun events or things to do in Urbandale in my opinion.
I always feel safe in Urbandale. The people are friendly, the city is well maintained, and you're always only a few minutes away from what you need.
I have lived here for the past 15 years, and I feel very safe especially in my neighborhood. There is almost always a police vehicle around on the lookout.
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I love living not far from popular attractions but also having a small town feel. Perfect for our little family.
Overall urbandale is a very good place to live. Urbandale is located about fifteen minutes northeast of Des Moines, Iowa. It's location means it is well with in driving distance of a lot of recreational activities, food accommodations, and commuting distance. The school districts, entertainment, and fitness options with in the suburb are satisfactory. Some of the things I don't like about it is its general size compared to the other suburbs, lack of a Wide variety of things, and job opportunities
It’s very clean and comfortable Job opportunities could use some work, but it is a very stable place
Urbandale offers a wide range of food, entertainment, educational, and recreational options. The town caters many different age groups and backgrounds, allowing nearly everyone to have their interests met.
I moved to Urbandale when I was younger. Going from a small town to a big city is a tough task but living in Urbandale has made it so easy. The community is great and helpful. I could not be any prouder to be a J-Hawk.
I love thats Urbandale is a small community which means everyone is friendly and close with one another. It’s great to see small businesses helping each other out.
I greatly enjoy living in Urbandale. I enjoy the people that live around me. Everything is very close together. For example, stores, restaurants, etc are all close by.
Urbandale is a family friendly diverse suburb of Des Moines. Excellent public and private schools. Great park areas throughout the city. Nice restaurants. I have always felt safe. My only wish is that there would be a more upscale town Center Developed with updated architecture. Wish for more open green space for soccer pick-up games.
Great, family friendly area! Parks everywhere, everything is clean, low crime rate, excellent schools. Tons to do and very nice people in the area
It's great! Lots of friendly people, close to Des Moines, and lots of things to do. Very safe community with lots of amazing things.
Urbandale, IA was a fantastic town to grow up in. It's fairly large but it doesn't feel that way. There are fun restaurants and other amenities all over the place which made it fun to live there with my family. The area was also very safe and clean.
It's a very nice neighborhood, nice neighbors and nice looking. Urbandale has a very comfortable atmosphere and there are a lot of pets running around. The school system could be better, there are a lot of student fights at the school and surrounding neighborhood, the food is not good, and the school atmosphere is less than ideal
Urbandale is just a short uber drive away from downtwon Des Moines which has a large farmers market every Saturday, historic east village with shops and restaurants, a fun night life, and events taking place every weekend throughout the summer. It is always close to west Des Moines which offers a large mall, restaurants, outdoor retail stores. It is also located close to Saylorville Recreation Area and Big Creek State Park. The bike trail system in the Des Moines area. Wells Fargo Arena get a lot of great music acts that come through. Downtown Des Moines also has several places that host live music including Simon Estes Amphitheater, which is an outdoor venue on the river.

What I’d like to see change is more local organic food stores in Urbandale itself.
Wonderful place to live, easy access to events in neighboring towns, and still quiet enough to see the stars at night!
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Urbandale is a great place to live. There are many fun things to do like going to Living History Farms, going to the many parks, or eating at Palmer's Deli or Bruegger's Bagels.
I moved here when I was in 4th grade. The elementary school I attended was great and the sense of community is one of the best. I wish there was more to do in the city but Des Moines is not too far away.
I love Urbandale. My parents moved here when I was almost one year old. We moved into a house in the middle of the town. Most of the schools are within a five mile radius, there are parks and recreational area nearby. We are in the house of Urbandale. The people are amazing, and the schools have been perfect to me. They are the perfect size and I have always been comfortable in these settings.
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