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Wonderful place to live, easy access to events in neighboring towns, and still quiet enough to see the stars at night!
Urbandale is a great place to live. There are many fun things to do like going to Living History Farms, going to the many parks, or eating at Palmer's Deli or Bruegger's Bagels.
I moved here when I was in 4th grade. The elementary school I attended was great and the sense of community is one of the best. I wish there was more to do in the city but Des Moines is not too far away.
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I love Urbandale. My parents moved here when I was almost one year old. We moved into a house in the middle of the town. Most of the schools are within a five mile radius, there are parks and recreational area nearby. We are in the house of Urbandale. The people are amazing, and the schools have been perfect to me. They are the perfect size and I have always been comfortable in these settings.
Very quiet life, very family friendly, very close knit, many things close by, no need to drive forever to get something
I have lived in Urbandale since I was about five or six years old. It's an okay neighborhood; I do not go out much so I can't really say how things are in Urbandale. Urbandale is kind of boring though, at least to me.
Urbandale has a small town feel with a big town education system benefit. I like that the neighborhoods aren't dangerous; you can leave your door unlocked if you wish. You know your neighbors and they know you. The city has a lot of events that help bring the community together for different holidays, and really brings the 'home-y' feeling back to your block.
I have lived in Urbandale all of my life and it has treated me very well. It is a nice area, plenty of shops and places to visit, all of your necessities are covered. It is easy to get to other places quickly. It is a safe area and has been highly ranked by many surveys.
Lived there all my life boring not much to do. School system sucks, doesn't care much other then you graduating.
Urbandale is a perfect suburb community in which one can raise a family. With much less crime than the city of Des Moines that it shadows to the northwest, one can truly feel safe and secure. Whenever the rare tragedy does strike (as was the case when two of our police officers were shot), the community comes together as one 40,000 member family. I have lived in Urbandale my whole life and have found plenty to offer, little to curb my development, and now I plan to come back after college if I can find a job in the area.
Urbandale is the perfect place whether an individual is a senior citizen, a twenty-something or a growing family. There's many job opportunities, plenty of restaurants and a very safe and friendly community. I have lived here for approximately a year and a half after graduating college and have never once regretted my decision.
This area is very safe, I have never felt unsafe here. I have never heard of crime in this area. The police are quick to come if called.
This area is a lot better than where I used to live. This area is fairly new and still developing. It is on the nicer side of town so stereotypically, there is hardly any crime or violence. As this area continues to develop, the city is working on new trails and parks.
There has never been a crime in my neighborhood since the day I moved here. Safety is a plus.
Love the area I live in, very humble and respectful neighbors, great school system, and has every necessary shop/store in a reasonable distance.
There are plenty of playgrounds and libraries. Safe activities to keep kids occupied so they dont turn to crime or dru.aestetically pleasing one of Urbandales coveted awards is the lawn of the month..
I'm not that aware of any issues in the area which is always a good thing!
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The Urbandale/Des Moines Metro area is seriously so amazing I can't imagine myself living anywhere else!
The 20 years that I have lived here, I have not experienced any major concerns with the area. Police in Urbandale are always attentive and ready to respond when needed.
Urbandale is a growing suburb northwest of Des Moines! The atmosphere is always pleasant, and people are very nice to others and look out for each other.
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