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Urbana Township Reviews

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I believe that we have a normal amount of crime here.
This is a good area to live with a overall good feeling of a close community. However, some things such as the quality of the schools and the condition of some of the houses and buildings seem to be declining.
The homemade food in Athens is amazing. I can always go to the bars after class and get an amazing meal. The drinks are great as well. Athens has a wide variety of food and drinks, it is a great town for food and drinks. I myself am a big fan of food. I am a huge food critic. So for me to love everything Athens has must mean a a lot about the place!
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I have many friends that I am enrolled in college with, and they all have jobs. I currently don't have a job because I'm on the wrestling team and don't have time. But all of my friends that have applied for jobs have received a job. So i believe Athens has a great employment rate, and if I ever need a job I won't be worried about finding one.
There are many mom-and-pops shops and restaurants in Athens, It's a great place to live, and I've never been happier to live in such a wonderful place in my life. Athens has all your chain restaurants and stores as well. But if you're looking for something new, you can find something any day. Everyone in Athens is also friendly, and caring. You can guarantee if you go to a local store or restaurant, you will be treated with respect, and your item will be handled with love and care. You can get anything you want in Athens, so if you never want to leave you honestly don't have to!
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