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Nice, fairly quiet town, lots of good food nearby, basic necessities. People love being outside, using the pools, going to the library, etc. Only downside is the overpopulated high school across the street.
Giving Urbana a 4 out of 5 because there is always room for improvement. I must say, after 19 years I'm happy to see the good changes that have been made (i.e. more diversity- still need more , stores). If you live in this area and work in montgomery county or in DC, just know that your commute will be about an hour or 2 but it is a lovely place to live. Downtown frederick is really cute/historic - great for a date night or drinks with friends (if you're of age). If you enjoy outdoor activities, there are plenty of places close by. Such as Sugarloaf mountain; for hiking and Sugarloaf winery; for wine tasting. Lake Linganore is close by as well if you want to lay out on a man made beach. If you have kids, they will be in great hands at Urbana Public schools.
Great neigborhoods with a variety of housing plans. Great restaurant selections and nice people! Every store you need will be in this little town.
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Urbana is a very tight knit walking community with lots of support from one another. This community is just an hour from both Baltimore and D.C. providing a lot of residents with work opportunities. The schools in this town are fabulous and have excellent ratings.
Urbana is a great neighborhood to live in. When we first moved in we were unsure of how our neighbors would be like (in all out previous homes, we had bad luck with neighbors), but before we even got a chance to move in we were greeted with open arms by someone we now consider a family friend. Urbana is the type of place where you truly feel connected with the people around you.
Similar to Clarksburg, but even more crowded, and often times people don't drive correctly. Also family friendly, but with all the suburban building going on, it's not really worth living here. Seems like there is absolutely no wilderness areas and few parks left around Urbana.
Urbana is a growing town in Maryland. What once was farmland is now a hustling town filling with townhomes, single family homes, and apartments. It’s very popular due to the location in Southern Frederick County. It’s a great place for those with government jobs since it’s a little over an hour to our Nation’s Capital. If that commute is too long for you then what might get you to stay is the public school systems. They are one of the best in the state. This charming town still is perfect for an active couple and has the option to be close to the city and close to the middle of nowhere. With the Application Mountain’s to the west and D.C. to the east, it’s very easy to find something to do and experience the four distinct seasons of nature!
Urbana is an extremely family friendly community that is quickly growing. It is more family orientated as there is little to no nightlife and is surrounded by schools.
There is a lot of food options and nice parks. Everyone in the neighborhood is friendly and there are goo schools in the area.
I really like how close it has easy access to the highway. I can commute from the park and ride as well as get to my destinations quickly. The neighborhoods are very safe, and there are plenty of restaurants and good schools. The houses are quite expensive, however.
It's a great, friendly neighborhood. Plenty of activities are available for Children of any ages. The only downside is the HOA is VERY strict and have some absurd rules that make no sense. But other than that, very fun and friendly.
It is a relatively safe neighborhood. The schools here a ranked high and they offer a lot of extracurricular activities. Urbana High School offers the International Baccalaureate program and lots of AP courses. There are restaurants and regional parks within the area. Urbana is located 7 miles away from downtown Frederick. Urbana is a great place to raise a family.
Urbana is a beautiful but quickly growing area! When I first moved here, the town was pretty bare with minimal amenities available. As of 2018, there are several walking trails that traverse the town and numerous parks scattered throughout the neighborhood. Despite its RAPID growth in recent years, the area has maintained a small-town feel that has attributed to its family-friendly reputation.

The schools in Urbana are the best in Frederick County, by far, and Urbana High School consistently ranks among the top schools in Maryland. However, the town does have its weak points. Like many communities in the D.C. area, house prices have surged in recent years, leaving young families with fewer housing options.

Another weak spot of Urbana is the nightlife. Once the sun goes down, the town quite literally goes into hibernation. You won't find much (if any) late-night dining options, bars or clubs. If you find yourself wanting to spend a night out, DT Frederick is a short drive away!
Urbana is famous for being the home of The Peter Pan Restaurant, which has, sadly, been closed. Urbana is much larger and more than just the Villages of Urbana and other new developments that have recently been and are currently being built in Urbana. We've lived here for over 30 years and have watched Urbana grow from farmland, Peter Pan, and little Mom and Pop stores, to more homes than can be counted, a grocery store, restaurants, a library with a Sr. Center, a drug store and gas stations. For years we had only one gas station. Our Volunteer Fire Department is active in the community and holds a terrific Carnival each July. There are many active clubs, such as the Lions, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Rotary as well as smaller community Bunco and Book clubs. My only complaint is that there are no reasonably priced "starter" homes in the area. Even the ugly new apartment complex is high priced.
I moved up to Urbana with my family after living in Damascus my entire life. And at least from my perspective Urbana is a great place to live. However I can't speak about my experiences with their public schools because I have never been to them.
Urbana is a great community where everybody knows each other. It has great schools and is a community that continues to grow every day. There are little to no crimes and it is very family-friendly oriented community. While there is really no nightlife, it is a place where everything is so close you could walk to anything you wanted. There are homes that are constantly going up for sale and being built, but they are very pricey, and it is a very expensive community to live in.
Newly-developed suburban town with decent commuting into Montgomery County and excellent commuting into Frederick town.
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Urbana has expanded so much since my family moved here back in 2006! It is a very safe community and is very family-friendly. The new restaurants are all very good. The only downside to living here is the cost- but it is worth it in the end.
Arguably one of the most affluent areas in Frederick County and Western Maryland. Great schools and family amenities makes Urbana a great place to raise or start a family. Crime is not a concern here, largely due to the presence of school-age children. However, because of Urbana's lack of local amenities (authentic restaurants, a movie theater, any sort of nightlife), I would not recommend it for younger people. Of course you can access all of this less than an hour away in Frederick, Baltimore or D.C, but Urbana is an extremely family-oriented community, so finding places nearby for the younger crowd can be very difficult. All in all, Urbana is a great, family-friendly community and I would highly recommend it if you plan on raising a family in the D.C./Baltimore area.
I enjoy having a lot of restaurants near by and many different convenient stores. However, there is too much building going on and since it is a suburb it should be reduced otherwise it will become a city. Also, the houses are very close together making it a very uncomfortable place to buy a home.
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