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I have been here my whole life and everything is pretty much here. There is no real need to leave the area here. Everything is very quaint as well as modern.
I have lived outside of Urbana for all of my life and have never had a bad experience with the town itself. I do most of my shopping in it and have had many fun experiences with the people.
Quiet and nice for young children but doesn't offer many options in activities or stores. Most who live here have been here for generations but the overall tone is nice. Not much diversity though.
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Great small town with amazing hospitality! Highly recommend to any visitors!! Great history to learn too!
Urbana is a quiet town that has a low crime rate and is very safe. We have lived here for 2 years and love it. Everything we need is all around each other.
urbana, is a small town in ohio and it is very low cost to live here. you have to drive an hour just to get to a job everyday.
Urbana is a quaint town full of kind people. Most people know one another here. People are friendly. The only issue is that the town has had some issues with clean public areas. Teenagers and kids walk around, often times littering. I would like to see better clean-up of these areas.
Amazing small town filled with tons of history and great people. Best place to go for a small college campus.
Small town very friendly people.. Small but a lot of resources. Beautiful town. My favorite restaurant is the farmers daughter if you come please try the farmers daughter 🍴. We also have a great candy store in town 🍬.
Not that much of a selection
Not really good but not that bad.
It is better than bigger towns and cities. There are a few problems but nothing that would make me afraid or want to move
A small town people are great. Farming community everyone helps each other. If i had to do all over again I wouldn't change a thing. I would live here for ever.
There is not much crime in town. I feel pretty safe. But, police are not really around.
This is a very small town. Everyone here knows each other. But, we have amazing schools and a good community.
If you like the outdoors then this is for you.
There is some crime but it is supervised from my perspective.
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It honestly depends on what you like in the weather. Around here it is constantly changing. One minute it is 50 degrees the next there is a foot of snow with negative temperatures.
Most of the people I talk too enjoy their job 75% of the time.
The food places around here are mainly fast food. I try not to eat fast food that often but when I do it is usually a 50-50 chance that they get my order correct.
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