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There are a wide variety of food restaurants and big shopping places to go to on the weekends. The traffic is not bad and also there's an opportunity to tour a big university o campus.
I just started living in Urbana a few months ago when the school (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) started. So far, I enjoy living here because of the great residence hall community that I have. The only thing that I do not like here is the weather.
Good. I go to college around here and it is a good location. I like the restaurants and there are good coffee shops.
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Urbana is a town that admittedly does not offer much to do without spending money but is a nice place to grow up. It is picturesque and is full of adorable places to grab coffee or a bite to eat. If there were more places to "hang out" I believe that would improve it.
Very small town with some good people. It's very country and has the University or Illinois campus within the town.
Low cost of living as a student town, with lots of stores and facilities. However, safety might be your top concern if you live in the neighborhood.
I just started living in Urbana, Illinois in late July. I moved from Champaign, Illinois and so far I have really liked the change. I have noticed that Urbana is more peaceful and more orientated toward Graduate students.
When I first visited Urbana,I notice how friendly the people were. Being a native of Chicago, I was use to everyone not speaking or just being angry.
Living in Urbana has been a good experience. There is good access to many parks and grocery stores, as well as restaurants. It is also very close to the university campus which is important for many people in the area. I know crime has been an issue in the whole Champaign-Urbana area which is the only drawback.
Great place to live safe and quiet cheap realestate as well surrounded by stores hotels and much for fun places short distances etc...
Very progressive town. I would like to see more "green" efforts. I moved here from Peoria, IL and it is a huge improvement.
I love Urbana!! The schools are great here. We have the University of Illinois Campus here, which drives in so many diverse people. The community is amazing and offers many events in area. Great small town living.
Urbana is great for farm country and looking fr somewhere peaceful outside of the country, there are rolling hills and vast terrains of soy crops, basil and corn fields, horse country is absolutely abundant near White Heathe. There are still remnants of people who come from Chicago who cannot get awat from city behaviors and that includes making trouble for those that have come to Urbana to find a place close enough to the city yet far enough to not have to tolerate the city mayhem including traffic. Overall Urbana is beautiful when one gets more near the farm country, all you hear are crickets and birds and see fireflies in the Summer months.
It is a wonderful college campus which has all its academic buildings situated mostly in one area which allows for students to easily go from one class to the next. There may not be a huge variety in terms of entertainment but the key establishments are there such as restaurants, fast food, theaters, gyms, etc.
Urbana is a small town, not much to do, but it's cute and has great neighborhoods, a lot of foliage, an amazing Farmers Market on Saturdays, and some small shops in the downtown area. There are a lot of parks, it is very safe, and the cost of living is low, especially if you are going to rent.
Urbana is a fairly small town. There are not a lot of attractions except for parks. However its neighboring town Champaign has a lot more opportunities. The University of Illinois sits in the middle between Urbana and Champaign, Illinois.
Urbana is an average med size town with areas that are poorer quality. I don't like how the city doesn't have street lights around the majority of neighborhoods. There's a beautiful playground with a large nature path attached to it. Multiple parks in the area.
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Urbana is a beautiful historic town that provides a great living environment for college students. It is a quaint, quiet town that still provides students with opportunities to eat, shop, and get involved with the community.
I traffic. Beautiful neighborhoods. Can walk to the university, the farmers market and lots of parks.
There is a lot to do here in Urbana. There are two pools one outdoor and another indoor. Theres the park district where you can send you kids when you have to work or just for them to have fun with the other kids n=and to make friends
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