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Its ok i am liveing in Upper but would not stay cause there is nothing to do and it is a very small town and you can get in a lot fo truble.
As a current resident of Upper Sandusky, I believe we could improve on the diversity of our town. It has a small range of races, not including the foreign exchange students who come for a certain period of time. The town has a lovely reservoir and a small park. It can get boring time to time, since the town really doesn't have a lot going on.
Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and nice. I have lived here since January 2017. I moved from Columbus, Ohio, which was a big significant change. I have met the best kind of people in this town. I was able to keep employment and the town has every thing you could possible need. Christmas is just the best up here. I never want to leave Upper Sandusky, Ohio!!
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This is a cute town. Many small niche restaurants to eat at. A few parks that are very nice, a wonderful swimming pool. The bike path out to the reservoirs are lovely and well maintained. Many of the restaurants in the downtown have great food at reasonable prices.
I love Upper Sandusky as it is where I grew up. It is a small town surrounded by farms with that small town feel. If that isn’t what you like, then Upper isn’t for you.
Nice, quite neighborhood. Good Place to raise kids or to retire. Easy to access from all directions of Ohio.
The community is very welcoming. Everyone will know everyone in this small town. If the person is not known, they will try to become friends with them. They also have a small selection of restaurants, but decent food. The workers are also welcoming. Small, but has heart.
It is a quaint little town but there is not all together a lot to do. I am here for college not because I really wanted to live here although it is not unpleasant.
I love the town of Upper Sandusky. Everybody knows every body, and you're not afraid to walk down the street. You can say hello to every one you pass, and expect a smile in return
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