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USR is a wonderful family-centric town. Residents take great pride in their homes, property and community. We are very involved in the many different community activities. Schools are blue ribbon and the teachers are top notch. The library has an amazing array of events. Although there is no town center or night life, everything is accessible within a driving distance of under 15 minutes. If you want a country-living feel, USR is the place.
Top schools in the state, as most recently highlighted by the national recognition obtained for STEM innovation. The schools are clustered together (adjacent to the police/fire stations, as well as Borough Hall) as if the planning of the town is literally centered around its schools. Families are always very positive and supportive of each other. Many strong social ties develop into lasting friendships. The only issue is there is no downtown to enjoy a night out. However, given the location of USR (sits between Rt 17 and GSP) various options are only minutes away in any direction.
i liked the fact that it is a very quiet town not much goes on but at the same time it is very nice clean there are multiple parks and recreation faculties with the one down side being there is no nightlife at all and there are no stores in the town other then one gas station
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Great family oriented town with super small town feel and conscientious community and government. Lots of intramural sports. Becoming more diverse, which is great. Proud to be a resident.
Schools are off the charts, very convenient to transportation, airports and NYC. 1 acre zoning gives everyone a bit of privacy. Neighborhoods are lovely. Excellent shopping and hi end grocery stores all within 5 miles. Great quality gyms within a mile.
Excellent school district. Neighbors are friendly. The town provides good privacy between houses. It's quiet. Relatively low crime rate. Easy commute, close to 2 major highways, public transportations and shops. Relative better property tax rates over other towns.
I have read the reviews here and I am perplexed by some. Yes, Upper Saddle River does not have a downtown or nightlife--but that's why i moved here--I lived in NYC--I don't need that. What we do have is our community--our sports programs, our volunteer organizations, our Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, our fabulous schools, our community events, our library, and our diversity. We have so much cultural diversity in our town-religious diversity---first generation families living here from all over the world. Our classrooms reflect this diversity and as such, my children are growing up learning about all the cultures around them. Both my husband and I both work full time as do the majority of the couples we are friends with. We don't have a fancy house nor do we own sports cars as someone else mentioned here, nor do most of the families we are friends with. We talk to all of our neighbors. Everyone has their own experience in every town.
very nice people and helpful neighbors but nothing really to do inside of USR; very good and well known public school system (high school in particular); nice houses but very expensive place to live; need to go outside the town if looking for leisure; USR has a convenient store, library, and park
Growing up in Upper Saddle River had its moments. The feel of some communities are great, however, if you want to raise your kids in an environment that is diverse and doesn't focus on wealth this is not the place. Many of the kids here are snooty and materialistic.
Upper Saddle River is a lovely town from the exterior; but, on the inside it resembles a shark tank. Everyone in the community dwells off of competition. It is a high stress environment masked by picket fences and dogs in the front yard. Every kid is raised to be a doctor or lawyer. The emphasis on being successful steals any will to be happy. The worth of the citizens is measured by the sports cars in the driveway and the number of bedrooms in the house. Every kid dreams of leaving USR while every adult dreams of living there. Ironic isn't it.
The police here are great. They aren't overbearing, participate in many community events, and are always fair. There is almost no crime here at all, and I am very fortunate to call this safe area my home. This is a great place to raise young children.
My community is a great place to live if you like quiet areas and your privacy. There is a lot of nature, the roads and public areas are kept very nicely, and there is a great elementary and middle school. However, there is no town center, so that should be part of your consideration.
The homes are massive, but living here will break your wallet.
There is no sense of community here. People will often go years without talking to their neighbors.
Violent crime is unheard of here. However it was discovered that heroin dealers were basing their operations here.
The area has had a reputation for being full of spoiled brats. Anyone with critical thinking skills quickly develops depression, and oftentimes they contribute to our notoriously high suicide rates.
There is a huge variety of stores both small and large.
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