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There are no crimes in Collegeville as far as I have observed. Just a couple of house fires which are fixed up within a few days ; so no prevalent eye sores.
Moving in, Collegeville was a very quiet place to live. Recent construction brings in noises that I missed while living elsewhere. Although home construction is located throughout, when I first moved in there was no close shopping center. Now there is one right down the street and up the road from my house; just a few minutes away! The environment is clean and there is less to worry about.
Crime rates are low, police are quick to help and quick to respond, and most people are eager to help any person in need.
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We have a lovely community with quaint shops and restaurants, very involved citizens who volunteer for frequent events, and hundreds of programs developed for children. There are a vast array of churches but a very accepting mentality of people of all religions and backgrounds. Recent renovations of Royersford's main borough has left it looking even more darling, and the beautiful trails, forested areas, and small stretches of farmland surrounding the town only add to the pleasing aesthetic. Bring your children here to thrive in a flourishing educational system and community, enjoy the scenic work commute to the larger urbanized areas/cities 20-40 min away from the safety of a beautiful small town, and retire here where everyone is friendly, everything you need is easy to access, and finances are manageable.
In all my years here I have never been a victim of crime, I have never personally witnessed a crime, and I have only heard of a handful of crimes being committed. The police drive around the streets regularly and you see them often throughout shopping centers and business complexes. They even have them in the schools. It is an extremely safe area to live.
I've lived in three different homes all within this general area over the course of my entire life. Everywhere I've lived has been safe, and close to shopping and food. There are new neighborhoods being built everywhere and industry is exploding. This area is definitely on the upswing and has been trending that way for the past two decades. Overall, this is a fantastic area to live independently or raise a family.
I believe the area is fairly safe.
I love the area that I live in and it is the greatest. The trails are nice, the school district is great and there are lots of malls nearby.
Nothing bad happens in my neighborhood at all. When something does eventually happen, the police are always here in a timely fashion
I like this area because everyone is friendly. The streets are safe and crime is low where I live compared to everywhere else in the world.
Everyone around this area is pretty helpful and always waves when you pass
There are no crimes in this area that are reported
I have lived in this area my entire life and never have had a bad experience.
Not much crime in the area. Neighborhood crime watch is instated.
These services are very reliable. Police come within 3 minutes.
There are many gyms and places to exercise in the area. Also, there are abundant sources of healthy food.
I love this weather because you get the best of both worlds. Summers are hot and sunny, and winters are snowy and cold.
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There are a ton of bars and restaurants in my area. Going out on a weekend night is easy because there are tons of options and types of bars and food places.
Ther are many big companies and small companies in my area. It's easy to find a job doing what you want, because of how much the area has developed. Tons of stores, businesses, and corporations are located in the area.
Not many small businesses, but the ones we have are great! Many restaurants are family-owned and they have amazing food and customer service. There are many larger corporations in the area, but the small businesses are awesome.
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