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Great restaurants and shops. Upper Montclair is like being in a small NYC. There is entertainment and always something going on. Right near the train to NYC you can get there in 30 minutes. It's like being in NYC but immersed in greenery at the same time!
I love living here. There is so much to do and there are tons of great restaurants and I love going to the parks either to run or to see a free concert. I've made some great friends here and I would recommend it to anyone. It's only 13 miles to NYC and the train is very reliable though it doesn't run on the weekends.
A wonderful accepting and liberal town with many people who are caring, interesting and diverse. Full of arts entertainment options and great restaurants, it lives up to its motto of ‘where the city meets the suburbs ‘! Historically the town has been a safe enclave where no matter your race or religion or outlook you are accepted. Some of its bohemian nature though is sadly being gentrified away with housing prices so expensive that it is attracting a richer, less liberal element. Hope it remains true to character with changing times. Public schools have overall fantastic devoted teachers and provide a tolerant environment for any student, no matter what their situation. Love, love love this town !!!
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I have been living in Upper Montclair, New Jersey since I was born, which is eighteen years. My town is very family friendly with multiple parks where children can play and adults can walk or bike around. There are hundreds of restaurants and local grocery stores where people can buy their food or sit down with friends. Every single person, whether it is your neighbor or someone walking down the street, is very kind and sociable. We are an extremely diverse community with different ethnicities and filled with people from around the world. Upper Montclair is very eco-friendly as we reduce the amount of waste by reusing and recycling items and people contribute to the environment by planting trees and tending to their gardens. I always feel a sense of protection when walking down a street which is provided by our local police department. I genuinely enjoy living in Upper Montclair as I have made many friends in this beautiful town!
Upper Montclair is very culturally diverse with wonderful people, determined teachers passionate about teaching their students, a variety of excellent restaurants and cafes, and much more. It's a very artsy part of Essex County, and it certainly helps that it's not much more than 1/2 an hour away from the city. If you're looking for somewhere bright and intriguing where you're completely accepted no matter what you look like or who you identify as, Upper Montclair is the place for you!
Montclair is a beautiful city to live in, its not very affordable but it is worth it. The only issue I wish can be fixed is the street parking. There is no street parking unless you have a parking permit which is around 300$ every 6 months. No one tells you this until you get multiple parking tickets.
Wonderful town. One of the greatest suburbs in New Jersey for culture. The best part about Montclair is the myriad of diverse and delicious restaurants. The town has a very cozy hometown feel. You can feel comfortable walking down the street and exploring the many "mom and pop" shops. It is a great escape from strip mall america.
There's such an European feel to Upper Montclair; it reminds me so much of High Streets in England cities and towns. Love it! Everything is within walking distance; pedestrian and bike friendly.
Maybe investing in a parking deck (3 floors or so) would be beneficial in the long run.
Montclair is a beautiful town -- the houses are gorgeous, the yards are well kept. The downtown area is adorable, with little shops all along the sidewalk to browse in: everything from baby clothes to vegan meals, tea and coffee shops, restaurants, hardware stores, and supermarkets. They host the Montclair Film Festival every year, which is a blast, and in the same venue (Bellevue Bow Tie Cinemas) they have a twice-monthly shadowcast show of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This town has a wonderful balance of something for everyone!
Housing is great, but very pricey
I love Montclair and the sense of community fostered in my neighborhood
Some crime prevalence but the police do a good job overall
The people and the amazing restaurants are the best part
My neighborhood has very little crime. Much safer than the south side of town and Bloomfield Avenue areas.
There are only a few towns in New Jersey that I would want to live in. Montclair/Upper Montclair is one of them. The people are for the most part great. Crime in my neighborhood is very low. Schools are top-notch if you take advantage of all they offer. Commuting to the city is a breeze.
I have never personally had an issue with crime where I live.
The community is very supportive and overall an openminded and accepting one.
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Apart from the vandalism and graffiti, there isn't really a lot of illegal activity that goes on that bothers me.
Growing up here was amazing. I couldn't ask for a better down or area to live in as a elementary school student to a current senior in high school. Great sense of town pride and school spirit!
I live in a very safe part of town where I hear of barely any crime, but there are neighborhoods downtown that have a lot more crime.
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