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Upper Macungie Township Reviews

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It's a horrific place to live. Nothing but warehouses, tractor-trailers, ugly mcminimansion developments, ghettos for the scum from NY & NJ, trash everywhere, a non-caring bunch of stupid people in charge of everything, no more open space, ugliness everywhere. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. As soon as my husband can retire we're moving far, far away from here.
It is a very quiet neighborhood. You can probably hear a pen drop from blocks away. There is rarely any crime committed in this area. If you have kids or want to visit the park, it is 5 minutes away. As far as cleanliness, it is spotless.

If education is a concern, then it is worth mention that the school district is rated one of the best in Pennsylvania.
Few crimes occur in my area. Typically, the police are out and about and making sure things are safe.
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The general atmosphere is friendly. Everyone knows everyone. It is a safe neighborhood and the police help to maintain a safe atmosphere.
For the most part people are kept safe and help is sent out when needed
There are many things to do and many opportunities to take action on
I like living in the suburbs without much noisy traffic around, but it's great that everything I need is less than 10 minutes away.
The area where I live is very nice but it gets very cold in the winter and sometimes people can be really unfriendly. If I could do it all over, I would choose to live in a state down south so I would not have to experience the harsh winters that we have here.
There are typical hour time frame of rush hour.
More attractions are known during the spring, summer, and fall. Rarely is there a whole lot to do during the winter except go to the movies and to an ice rink.
The weather will do what it does, you can't change it.
Everybody has that one place nearby that whenever they go out that is the place they choose.
There are plenty of warehouses nearby. Somebody somewhere is hiring nearby.
The place to go before and after work, they're the life of the party.
I can basically find everything in this area. it's great!
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