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Excellent schools, beautiful tree lined neighborhoods, no cookie cutter homes. The only thing that is drastically needed is a better downtown area / revival of Kingsdale.
nice suburb to live in, can feel like a bubble at times bcs it has everything (so people don't venture out)
It is a safe and peaceful place to live. There are plenty of places to shop and eat out and a good library.
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Really peaceful place and clean. The neighborhood its close to everything you need on your daily basis
I like how beautiful, safe, and clean Upper Arlington is. Columbus has numerous amounts of diverse groups when it comes to financial income. Upper Arlington is definitely a wealthier city that provides families a great opportunity through good schooling and educations, to start a raise a family.
Upper Arlington is a small and safe town that is a suburb of Columbus, OH. It has given me an extraordinary base of education and core values that are second to none. Upper Arlington High School has a vast variety of opportunities to explore from varsity athletics, shop classes, school magazine/yearbooks, to a world-class concert orchestra and drama club. All of these opportunities have been a starting point for notable alumni Beverly D'Angelo – Actress, George Smoot - Nobel Prize Winner, Erin Moriarty - News correspondent for 48 Hours, and all-time great golfer Jack Nicklaus. Upper Arlington is a town that gives you opportunities to succeed in any path you choose.
Growing up in the Upper Arlington community is hard when you're a hillbilly kid from West Virginia. Young kids are nasty and the supervising adults have no sympathy. It gets better as you get older, but outsiders are looked down upon.
We moved to Upper Arlington for Wickliffe Elementary School and couldn't have had a better experience. It's a lovely suburb to grow up in. The biggest downside is the lack of diversity, but it is easy to get downtown in 5-10 minutes. It also has a reputation for being wealthy and "snooty", but that's definitely not true for all of UA. It can be affordable. So glad to have lived in UA for 15 years.
Upper Arlington is a great place to start a family in, the only drawbacks are the weather, and things to do.
Great place to raise a family. Very safe with amazing public schools as well as town pools. It is expensive to buy a home as well as pay taxes, but for what you get it's worth it.
Upper Arlington is a very safe community with superb educational systems. There is definitely a lack of economic variety and racial diversity which often results in the community to be referred to as a "bubble" by other neighboring communities. Overall, Upper Arlington is a great community for raising a family with a quiet, suburban lifestyle.
Upper Arlington is a wonderful, beautiful community. The houses and lawns are taken care of and look inviting. The city is family friendly with awesome schools and amazing teachers. I never feel unsafe and don't have to worry about my child's safety either.
I feel very lucky to live in Upper Arlington. I love running through the beautiful neighbors and parks. It is a very special place.
I live near upper Arlington and love it! Great place to raise to family! Generally quiet and extremely safe.
Very friendly neighborhoods, people are very invested in their community. great schools, very easy downtown commute. I would not live anywhere else in central Ohio!!
Great place to live! If you enjoy peace and quite this is the place to be plus it only takes 10 minutes to get to the campus of The Ohio State University. Great places to eat as well!
Upper Arlington is a pretty place, however, the people there are not very friendly. People tend to be uptight and not very warm and fuzzy toward people outside of their friend group.
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I always feel comfortable and safe in my surroundings
Upper Arlington is a place where you can find a whole other family. It's filled with people who genuinely care about each other.
Policemen and women are involved with the kids ever since elementary school with programs such as DARE. I am personal friends with a couple of the policemen as well. The fact that all the kids know the police, it makes them less likely to want to commit a crime.
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