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Moved here from Minneapolis. The prices in this neighborhood are insane. Lots to do, everything is within walking distance, beautiful neighborhood. Very walkable--everyone is out with their dogs in the mornings and evenings. The whole neighborhood is very friendly. I bought my house when I moved here in 2018 and have 0 regrets with the city. 10/10.
Everything closes very early. Very diverse town. Not much neighborhood area, mostly busy streets. Wouldn’t recommend for families, as it’s not the safest place. Lots of stolen cars. Terrible traffic and traffic lights.
Not a greatly safe place. Costs the same amount to rent here as it does downtown (so you’d be foolish to pay the same and miss out on downtown life.) constant sound of sirens all night and day, usually just so they can get through a red light. Traffic lights are miserable. City hall divisions are not helpful.
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UH is a lovely place to live. I moved here from Chicago and do not regret it one bit. I was welcomed by all my neighbors within the first few days of moving in, something that would not happen where I grew up. Friendliness and a sense of community that I value greatly and this city delivers those aspects quite well. All the amenities you need Target, Heinens, as well as good restaurants are very close by. Downtown Cleveland is 20 to 30 minutes away depending on traffic. Hopkins Airport is 30 minutes away. Traffic is way less in Cleveland than the big cities. And housing prices here are actually affordable for regular everyday people, something you cant find in many midsize or larger cities these days. It has all the things I need and want. I highly recommend this city if you need a quiet, safe, diverse, and caring community.
It is a beautiful city with many things to do. There is a variety of places to take the family to eat, whether it be fast food or a sit-down restaurant. An abundance of parks to take my children make it better for them to get their energy out and therefore, helps me.
First of all, it has the worst infrastructure I have ever seen, the roads are horribly designed. Additionally, the police borderline harass the residents, and try to get them into trouble, and pull over many drivers. There are limited food places outside of regular chain restaurants.
University Heights is close to many other city's because it is located near the highway. Downtown Cleveland is only 15 min away. There is a whole foods and a LA fitness and Planet fitness in the area. There are many clothing and department stores near by as well.
good quality of living. Not much nightlife, as things close pretty early. Lots of family events. Very affordable. Safety had been very good until recently. Good private schools as well.
It's a very nice city to live in and has great community areas. It's not too far from downtown and has a lot of small businesses to choose from.
It is a very safe friendly neighborhood. They do not bus high school students which bothered me. They now have a program called Ed Choice which will pay a certain amount towards private school which is very helpful.
Nice quiet suburb of Cleveland located only minutes from the Cleveland Clinic main campus, Case Western Reserve's University Hospital main campus as well as all of Cleveland's many museums.
I absolutely love University Heights, I grew up there and would definitely return in the future, even to settle down.
I really like it. I have grown up in this neighborhood. It is a very nice neighborhood. Everyone is very friendly.
Completely safe area. For majority of the time, the crime rate is very low and minimal.
I've grown up in this city my entire life and have always known its inhabitants to be kind and loving, reaching out to help others in the community, always.
I'm not concerned with safety in this area. I feel very safe.
I love this area! Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I think I will continue living here for awhile.
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The community in which I live is a tight-knit community. Everyone tries to act friendly by saying 'hello' in passing or stopping to have a conversation with neighbors. Many people own pets and enjoy seeing pet owners walking dogs. Often, the younger children get excited to pet the dogs and say hello to neighbors. Most everyone offers friendly remarks to new members of the community.
Its a really safe neighborhood really nothing to worry about
Its a nice neighborhood everyone is youthful and friendly and there are great stores around
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