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Union Township is a town surrounded by other towns that are high in crimes which carryover into union . This makes it a unsafe place to raise a family. The congested traffic on route 22 makes it a nightmare for traveling. Major business have moved out of this area. Parks are dirty & unsafe .
Safe friendly environment. Caring people and many good family orientated places to go. Plus Kean University is located in Union. Many good places to eat, and many good schools around. Also, Union police are very caring and helpful. very diverse and unique town to live in or visit.
It's a decent little town in a very convenient place with an ok school system and a large variety of people from all walks of life from all places all over the world. It's cool.
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Love living here. It has everything I need and it is only 30 minutes from NYC by bus or train. All the culture and entertainment of the city is available also the employment opportunity of a great City without the cost
You can buy a lovely home here for 300000 to 500000. The elementary schools are very good but the high school is not rated as very good. I would plan on private HS
Diversity is something you can expect and embrace here. Everyone is accepted and welcomed. I have lived there for 40 years.
I grew up here all my life and it is what I know as home. There is not much to do here but they just renovated union center and it is looking cleaner and the food has gotten much better. The union Friday night light games are a lot of fun, especially when you are in the student section cheering for you peers!
Very clean, safe, and friendly community! The town is also convenient, but spacious. Schools, shopping areas, police station, churches, parking lots, parks, are just around the corners.
In the short time that I've lived in Union, I have seen that it is a safe and family-friendly city with endless retail stores in the area.
Union is a very diverse town and a safe neighborhood. There are plenty of options for food, and the education system is fairly good.
I like that you do not have to pay for garbage pickup. I have been living here since birth and it is very safe.
Union is a great town to live in, especially when it comes to having a family. Above all I would describe the town as safe and kid-friendly, the town isn't as bad as people think. The diversity in Union is amazing, you will meet people from every where around the world. Due to the diversity the town has great food all around.
Lived here 15 years. Most of the old timers are racist. I was picked on by neighbors ever since I moved in. I am college educated, and didn't fit into the "Union" (no pun intended) mentality.

In my 15 yrs, my car was stolen from my driveway, I owed a tractor trailer that had been broken into twice. One time, someone placed sand INTO the tank, costing thousands of dollars to repair.

My post office sued me and won 8K for slipping on what was documented as the snowiest day of the year.

I was assaulted 3 times, and the police not only ignored my reports, but began to harrass me through community watch to make themselves keep their stats low, and their egos as a Police State should. I am single, and selling my house now, so that they can welcome someone who might be a better fit. Someone with alittle less, so that they can't steal, beat on, or lie - and who is NOT a woman.
Moved from nyc to Union NJ. Have to say we love it here minus the property tax. Very diverse area with lots of food options. We love the fact that there are a different mix of people and cultures. We are Asians so it was very appealing to be close to everything from asian groceries to nyc just 20 mins away. Schools are improved a lot from the stories we hear. Area has improved a lot and its a well balanced town. If Union downtown can improve with better eatery and shopping then would be perfect but will take time. Commute to nyc is very easy.
Great town!! I recently moved from another town in Union County and I must say Im happy I moved to Union. My son attends Livingston Elementary. I like the diversity in the town. A lot of the negative views on Union are from people that may never be happy. ( just my opinion) I don't regret my home purchase and Im happy to be a Union resident. Looking forward to the growth in town.
I have lived here for 4 years now and I love it. The community is very diverse. I love that they just started having a farmers market every Thursday not far from my home.
My experience living in Union,Nj was not a bad at all. This town is nothing but family Orientated. Living here makes you realize what the definition of family really is. That's the best thing I like about union. But one thing I could change is the learning system of the schools. I feel like the learning system is below average and need a little bit more help.
The property taxes in Union Township, New Jersey are exorbitantly high. It is not affordable whatsoever for the average middle class family.
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Union is becoming more and more worn down. While I love working in this town and think the diversity is unmatchable anywhere else, there is an ever growing sense of apathy from the residents and workers of this town. Neighborhoods are becoming less and less about cohesion and more and more about the individual. The center of town, once vibrant and lovely to walk through, has become very unpleasant to be in. One thing about Union that is incredible though is the comfortability in terms of everything being at your fingertips. Its location is prime for anyone who wants to be near NYC or Philly, the beach, or the mountains; the town is literally a stone's throw from everywhere.
I love Union Township, New Jersey. I live in a decent house with my mother and we have a lovely backyard. Our neighborhood is quiet and very close to major highways. This makes commuting to other cities and states easier. The school system is great as I am a teacher. I also tutor my sister and I see how much the school has improved as they gave all high school students Chrome books for the school year. Union Township, NJ is very diverse and I think that is great for young students. I would recommend everyone to live in Union, although the taxes are pretty high.
I like the overall location to the major cities in the area, as well as how the town is laid out, with Union Center actually being pretty central in the town. The town Isn't the safest place ever in my part ( the Burnet side ) of town, the other side is safer, but for some reason has more negative activity in that area. I would like to see more jobs in the area for the seniors in the area, and not the college kids that commute. As a high school senior, a job really helps with college applications, it shows responsibility and such. In my experience, finding a local job in town that isn't on route 22 is tough, and I don't have a car to get anywhere far to work, with parents that get home late.
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