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I have lived in Union KY all my life and it has always been very pleasant. The neighborhoods are very clean and safe. There are organized groups in the neighborhood that I live in and everyone is just always friendly and helpful to one another. My school is also in union and it is by far the best school in this area. I love living in Union and I will continue to live here throughout the rest of my life.
Everyone is so friendly in Union. It might not be the smallest town, but it has a homey, cozy, small town feel. However, I would love to see more diversity and acceptance in our town.
It is a very nice community and everything is still close together. It has been wonderful for my family.
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I love the community and the people around here. People always say "hi" when you pass them and the community is very family friendly.
Union is a very family friendly area that is very welcoming to everyone. Everyone is so kind and the area is so very beautiful.
I think Union, Kentucky is overall a great place to live. It's well taken-care of, peaceful, and quiet. There's many areas here with opportunities to get away from it all and just enjoy nature. It also offers all these things without being too far away from the more exciting cities of Northern Kentucky. After having previously only lived in busy and noisy areas, I love being able to go back to my house after a long and tiring or even exciting day. It's like a sanctuary. On top of all that, the officials of my neighborhood and town run social media pages and often hold town meetings. This ensures that the residents here are heard and that we all have a way to build a truly close community. The only issues I've encountered are from some of the neighbors, who can be nit-picky and arrogant, and from the construction that's been happening for a few months. But at least the construction will eventually add something to the community. I'm truly glad that Union, Kentucky is my home.
I always liked the farm and country life. Union, KY gives not only the opportunity of the farm and country life but also the ability have the amenities of the city life as well.
Union is a awesome city to live in. It has a great community. It is not too country and not to city. if you like the city life you can drive 20 minutes to cincinnati.
A small country town that is quickly growing. With the expansion of the roads from 2 lanes to 5 and the new stores and businesses coming in, it is almost an extension of Florence, KY.
Union is a wonderful suburb for beginning families to raise their kids. There is plenty to do and it is a safe environment. The public school system is fantastic, and there are plenty of religious schools for those interested. However Union does not have many oppurtunities once students reach junior and senior year of high school. Many, but not all, do go away to college simply to find better oppurtunites in the career choice. Located about 20 minutes from Cincinnati, Union does get access to some city benefits such as concerts and sporting events.
It is a great place to raise your children with good public schools and lots of playgrounds. It is safe and family friendly. The traffic is minimal and houses are well maintained.
There have been few minor criminal activities.
Safe area with lots of opportunity.
There are multiple jobs for teenagers to have in this area. They are also well paying jobs for teenagers. They are fun jobs that also teach you a lot about responsibility.
The local businesses here are excellent. There are many different opportunities here. There are different races here as there are different restaurants for all types of races and ethnicities. The owners are very friendly and very helpful as they want the customer to have the greatest opportunity! They will understand peoples certain situations and will help out with money the best way they can..
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