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Close to the city, with good transportation there and back with the nearby metro. Traffic is bad, but the town itself and amenities are good. Excellent education system, though highly competitive and stressful.
Tysons is a very well off city.
Many have different opinions, often confusing.
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I see a lot of people working out and running!
Had maybe one minor earthquake when I lived here.
There's a lot of restaurants near here, it's great.
There are employments available for a lot of people.
The business looks stable and working fine.
Not much crime occurs here.
It's very fickle, but snow and rain are the only problems.
I don't work yet so I don't know, but the schooling is great in this area.
Everything is amazing but you need a car to get to it, nothing is walk-able.
The library system alone is worth living in this area for.
I've been here for 12 years, I've never had any issues with anyone in this area.
Sometimes it gets too cold and snowy for my tastes. It's honestly the traffic that will bother you in the snow.
No vacant/abandoned properties, great community. Near DC, lots of attractions.
There are so many jobs available and being near DC is a great boon.
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I have never had any issues in this area. Once someone had their bike stolen and it was found within the day.
Being in the middle of everything gives you a wide variety of options. Unfortunately it also means that many shops cater to the lowest common denominator and this reduces the quality somewhat. The two malls are amazing.
There are a number of different business available
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