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Be very carefull when entering tyrone. The police stop you and arrest you for doing the most smallest things- turn signal, crossing the double line, ect. If you get stopped by an over zealous, over weight woman cop , she will charge you with everything she can. Then if you appeal , Judge Miller, who is more interested in collecting revenue then being fare will always side with the police.
I used to stop here for food and gas on my way home ,but not any more. I really just don't want to take a chance of getting stopped and fined. Stay on 220 and stop in grazerville for gas or food where its better anyway. You have been warenned.
Tyrone, Pa is a small community that sits between the towns of Altoona and the college of Penn State University of State College; Tyrone is a borough that is made up with a population at 7500. Everything is closed together from Sheetz store to phone and Verizon to downtown shopping. I really enjoy the town besides from the fact it is small, but also decent in rent, decent in prices locally and more.
Decent Place to live. I would recommend moving here if you enjoy living in a small town. It has a nice park and school system. It also a very quiet town.
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This town has prioritized corporate interest over small business. That's not good for anyone. Recently however the community has made a genuine attempt at working towards changing that.
Tyrone has one of the best public schools I have ever seen. Not to mention a totally free preschool!
I went Tyrone Area School District and I liked that you could make friends with just about anybody you tried talking to. I would change some things that people end up choosing to do because it's normally not the right thing to do.
Tyrone is an average-sized town with a diverse community. However, there are so many low-income projects which does serve the community. But low income families from elsewhere are brought here to house because family members are a lot of times in a local prison.
Tyrone has about 5000-6000 residents. The school was recently awarded for having great test scores for a school with most students/families receiving public assistance.
There is one grocery store and then little odds and ends stores
There are a bunch of factories right outside of town, inside of town it's mostly convenient stores and restaurants.
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