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Tyler, Texas in a tedious city. over the last eight year the city has expanded, but not much that has changed. tyler is actually a retirement city, to where senior citizens can live here and basically relax into there last days. the reason is because there so many different banks, and resturants to eat at. there's hardly no career jobs here, A person would have to travel to aonther east texas town to look for an career job, A lot of people moved here only because there where quite of few career jobs in tyler, but all the companies had moved to different cities in america. there is nothing in tyler to do that is exciting, it is just an old dull city.
It’s a beautiful and clean place and the people are very friendly. The crime is low but and there are a lot historical places to see. Some of the old plantation homes are still lived in and others you can take tours of.
They even have the Caldwell zoo so really there is everything you could want.
The NAACP and Thurgood Marshall were deeply handicapped in Smith county and in 60 years almost nothing has changed. Robert E Lee high school is still named as such and the new building looks like a plantation. Driving around town you will see offensive and hateful propaganda. The infrastructure is crumbling, there are no sidewalks, traffic and roads are abissmal, there is a lot of crime, the police are always on one side of town, and there is nothing for young people to do. Once you travel so far north, it appears you're in a third world country; complete with dogs roaming the street and groups of men looking for work. The schools support a Christian only ideology and the PTOs publicly sponsor Christian events to circumvent separation of church and state. The attitude of parents and most teachers here is that kids need toughening up and any issue with learning or behavior is immediately the child's fault. Do yourself a favor and find somewhere else to live.
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Tyler is a very family-friendly city with a lot to do for little ones. There are numerous restaurants and the city is kept very clean and neat.
I love my home town. the people are great. i love the food options. not alot of stray animals. the people are friendly
I view Tyler , Texas as a retirement town. Very slow pace compared to big cities. There's a huge difference between the North and South side of Tyler as the North is underdeveloped while the South is flourishing. In regards to higher education in relation to location one could infer that the only college campus located in the North is underfunded and doesn't offer half of what the colleges in south part of Tyler do. In all it isn't a very college friendly town with little to nothing to do for college students. Location definitely determines your outlook on the city so considering that I attend Texas College in North Tyler , my experience is based off how underprivileged the surrounding areas of my school are.
Small city, big town vibes. Plenty to do with two medium mall areas, good shopping at the new mall and old one. Lots of fun activities to do with escape rooms, lazer tag, movies, arcade areas, rock climbing gym, bowling, free outdoor movies etc. Good neighborhoods on every spectrum with well funded and kept clean parks. A great place to grow up in, slightly conservative majority, but that's Texas for you. Find your niche and there's plenty to do!
Tyler is a tolerable city. I wouldn't say everything is bad about Tyler, perhaps it's just the area I'm in and I need a change of scenery. However, Tyler is a somewhat busy small city that has a lot night life in it. Tyler also houses the community college Tyler Junior College (TJC) that I went to just a few years ago. College itself was enjoyable, campus was kept clean and the professors were very knowledgeable. Overall, I say it was a good experience and I wouldn't mind attending TJC again. As for Tyler itself, the city has some traffic problems as in traffic congestion might peak during rush hours (school, lunch breaks 12P.M. and so forth). However, Tyler has a lot of convenience stores, hospitals, movie theaters, entertainment (bowling, pool, etc.,), gyms, and so forth. The city isn't bad, but you definitely have to pick the right areas for full enjoyment.
It is a very small town, would definitely recommend for people who have retired and looking to get away from a major city.
I was born and raised here. Tyler is a great, family-friendly place. It’s growing rapidly into a more fast paced and entertaining area. Tyler is growing for the better.
Tyler is one of the most boring places I’ve been to. It’s devoid of any real culture and most of the population is made up of overly conservative simpletons. The downtown and nightlife are absolutely laughable, with one good bar in the whole town. Avoid this forgettable place!
Welcome to the Bible Belt. The amenities are adequate but the people are backwards thinking rednecks that lack critical thought. The people vote against their own self interest and believe the death penalty is an appropriate measure while preaching about the sanctity of life. They teach light can't be bent in school even though Einstein proved it in the early 1900's. Raise your children some place else.
Tyler is very safe and clean and has a good community, I just wish there were more things to do there.
I really like living in Tyler. Anything I want to do is within a reasonable distance. There is construction throughout showing that they are making it an even better place.
Tyler is a very clean and amazing town. The people in this area are very friendly and always helpful.
Tyler has been growing fairly rapidly over the last couple of decades. It's a great town to live in and grow. I grew up in Whitehouse, which is a little town a few miles south of Tyler, and I had a great experience in the school district there. If you have a family, there are many activities in the area, such as parks, waterparks, a zoo, movie theatres, tons of restaurants, arcades, bowling, mini golf, and much more. Admittedly, there isn't much going on at night. There are a couple of big clubs, and Whataburger is always open, so that's nice. Tyler is also fairly close to Dallas, Houston, and Shreveport, so weekend trips to one of those cities are very manageable. Tyler is great. Come check it out.
If you don't like the city life much and is not into the whole "country" vibe, then this city is for you. To me, it's like a mini Dallas, BUT don't expect much. Food is ok. Does not have much over here if you are a foodie person! Rush hour exist over here for a small town. I am amazed by how many cars are on the road!
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I moved to Tyler from a smaller town & can safely say that there's something for everyone. From foodies to artists to history buffs, there is a scene for everyone to enjoy. I've frequented many coffee shops to hear local music, walked the historical streets to take advantage of good photo ops, attended the county fair, and seen plays in the local civic theatre. In addition to that, there are numerous places to find delicious local food, great boutiques, and discount stores!
It has been a really awesome experience living in this city. I always feel moderately safe, and the people here are mostly nice. I love going to school here, and not only the campus but the city is very diverse.
It offers many amenities for schools, housing, and jobs. It is a dog-friendly town. It has several parks to visit. There are a few museums. It is easy to get around town. It is a safe town to live in. Also it's great that it is the county seed.
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