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most of the people in the community are very thoughtful and honest about the area and school system and proud to be part of the lakeshore!!
Life in Two Rivers, WI has its enjoyable moments as well as its troubling times. In the right parts of town, you can feel comfortable, safe, and part of the community. There's a wonderful police presence to add to the feeling of safety. Plenty of shops provide comfort, but also leave room for the small town feeling. Two Rivers is cute and beautiful in its own right. For activities, there are many festivities, festivals, and, of course, the gorgeous beach on Lake Michigan.
Two Rivers Locals are thier own worst enemy, focusing on what it used to be not what it could be. Unless you have a birth certifacate or diploma from Two Rivers they are not friendly people . They do what they want and don't care cause they are from " Trivers". They live their lives on rumors and who has the cheapest drinks and food or remember when. Rent is cheap for a reason. The city is over run by the local drunks , drugs , and now violence and gang symbols .. It's sad if it wasn't for most of the locals it probably would be a beautiful city . If locals were smart and realized people from out of town support the city more than most locals actually do. I'm embarrased to say I lived there for 3 years, but proud to say I don't anymore. If you go there go for a day but don't stay.
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Two Rivers is a comfortable town with a beautiful view of the lake. It is a major advantage being right on the shore of lake Michigan. There is a state park there and one of the best beaches in the area. Besides spending time in the warm weather on the beach, there really is not much else to do around there.
I like Two Rivers because it is such a pretty city with a lot of history hidden around town! I love learning about how it is the birthplace of the ice-cream Sunday, and about the Christmas tree shipwreck.
People are very closed minded.
If you aren’t from Two Rivers, chances are they aren’t going to be too friendly. That is my 10 years of experience living here. Neighbors never talk to outsiders and barely venture out of their comfort zone. People seem judgmental and non forgiving.
The schools are poor , from physical and mental bullying that does not get handled and basically brushed under the rug . The teachers seem to have a strange hierarchy and some bullying goes on that way too.
I love how small and quite this town is. Everyone in town is friendly. The only problem here is that we need a walmart or some kind of big retail store.
it's a good place for safety but very boring and full of old people. Uhm the food diversity isn't that big and the only thing you can really get here is drunk. Haha.
Great small town. Plenty of amenities and right on Lake Michigan. My husband and I moved here and purchased a house 5 years ago and absolutely love out neighborhood. We are close to many bike trails and Point Beach State Forest.
There is much family fun in Two Rivers, WI. It is located along the Lake Michigan Shoreline. There are good schools and churches. There is plenty of shopping from resale to restaurants. The only thing I would change is that there seems to be a smoking, drinking and drug problems among the teens and little prevention or behavioral health programs and facilities nearby.
All calls I've seen have been quickly answered
Two Rivers is a positive, kind place. I love it.
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