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I love Twin Falls. there is a lot of outdoor recreation to participate in and there are a lot of events happening in the community all of the time as well.
Small community that is very friendly. Beautiful country! There is so much to do and so much that can be explored! it makes the small town feel so big when you get out and see what all it, and its surrounding areas, can offer.
Twin Falls has clean air, a beautiful canyon to explore, and many job and education opportunities. The canyon and river are great for outdoor activities like biking and kayaking.
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I see Twin Falls now and it's almost like a different Town from 10 years ago. It is growing incredibly, but, no tall buildings yet. A lot of new Companies are here now. The population remains over 90% White. There are larger homes 4000sqft+ being built, lot of subdivisions. I used to come here to spend summers, since the weather is not that bad at all. It's truly one of the few All American Towns left.
I love that Twin highlights the historic areas and also is incorporating new ideas and places. Farming community uses local products which is one of the best things we have.
Just your average town. It's been growing, but there's still only so much to do for the urban dweller. There is a lot of beautiful outdoor scenery however, so if you're into nature and outdoor activities then it'd be a great place to come to. There are drug problems here unfortunately; the last I heard, heroin was the growing problem, but for the most part Twin is okay. We've got a mall, a lot of restaurants including a new Olive Garden, a movie theater, bowling alley, some bars, etc., the classic entertainment. We're essentially the biggest town in the area and one of the bigger towns of Southern Idaho.
I like the different parts of town and how some of it doesn't change. I wish there wasn't so much construction all the time in areas that don't need it.
Twin Falls, Idaho has been a good place to live. It is a growing community. Growing college area. Could use another option for healthcare.
Twin Falls is not that great of a town. Many people here are rude and stubborn. There is also a great deal of drug addicts here as well. Cost of living is pretty low but so is the minimum wage.
Twin Falls is a very interesting place. It is a very safe place and very family friendly. The school systems are very good and there are great teachers and students in the area.
Twin Falls is a smaller town of around 50,000. I was born and raised in Twin Falls and moved away to attend college. The town is very conservative with not a lot of options for entertainment. The outdoors is a persons best bet on weekend activities, with the canyon being the busiest place. The town is growing with new businesses popping up both chain and local start ups! Overall, Twin is a pretty safe town and oriented to family life!
This area is rapidly growing! I love it here. It's been awesome to see all the change that has occurred over the past years. A lot of people from major cities move here to settle down. It's the perfect place to raise a family. It's safe, which draws a lot of people here. Tons of opportunities. And the nature of it is beautiful! The Magic Valley Canyon is a must see!
I wish there were more things to do in this town. It is a great place to raise a family, but when they become teenagers there is little to no activities for them to keep entertained. I was raised in this town and I have never wished it any different. The public schools are pretty average but the people are relatively friendly. Plus the schools are full of endless opportunities to get a jump start on your life, including classes at the local college.
Twin Falls was great when I first moved here nine years ago. It's growing like crazy now! Apparently, Twin Falls is a "happening" town. A lot of job opportunities and friendly people.
Twin Falls is a large town, but feels like a small town. The majority of the people that live in Twin Falls are very kind and helpful. However, for how big the town is, we do not have a lot of stores for shopping or a very big mall.
Twin Falls is a growing community with many opportunities. It is great to see how much growth Twin Falls is experiencing. With multiple new schools, shopping centers, and redesigned roads, Twin Falls is competing with the national growth rate.
Twin Falls is a great small town and an amazing place to raise a family. It is very safe and family friendly. It offers an amazing community college and a great outdoor experience.
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With the economic boom in our town, there has been an increase in population, businesses, and activities. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, and sight seeing are always accessible - especially in the summer months. Local businesses are often far more popular than chains (particularly clothing boutiques and restaurants). Building development is booming and people are kind to one another. Large factories (i.e. Chobani and Cliff Bar) offer jobs to everyone, often with good benefits and pay.
Nice "smaller" town to live in. People are friendly and helpful. Roads usually suck, lots of construction on them. Place is growing, lots of jobs, LOW unemployment rate.
Twin Falls is next to the Snake River Canyon and near the Sawtooth Mountains. It is a great place to live if you enjoy the outdoors.
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