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Troutdale is a great place for raising kids because of its proximity to several options in public schools and friendly neighborhoods, however, there is not much to do in terms of nightlife or jobs and portland is a half-hour away making it an inconvenient commute for those looking for high paying jobs.
Troutdale is a quaint town, however since it is so close to cities like Portland and Gresham you get all the amenities of the big city. this includes homelessness which is a huge problem.
Troutdale is far enough away from Portland that it's nice and quiet. However, there are quite a few Trump supporters, and the East wind from the Gorge makes it bitterly cold sometimes.
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I enjoy being so close to Mt Hood Community College and just about anything else I could need. Everything is a 30 min bus ride away, or shorter by car. You're positioned perfectly between the mountain and the city, each are only 30 minutes away driving. It's the perfect spot, especially for community college.
The laid back atmosphere and the trees. The area is generally quiet and fun to explore. There are many places for hikes and life here is simple compared to the hectic life-style of the city, which itself isn't far away.
I have lived here most of my life. I've gone through all of my public schooling in this town. The people here are very friendly and this town has a home-like feel. There are plenty of parks and playgrounds and buses. There are good fast food places located here and stores.
Troutdale is a wonderful area to live in. The outlet mall is a great place to shop. Though downtown is not as large as I've seen, it definitely feels historic with its general store, yet it feels contemporary, with the new shops and houses around. McMenamin's Edgefield is around and that's always eventful. The parks are wonderful and there's a basket of flowers on nearly every lamppost.
I moved to this small town a little more than 5 years ago. I love living here because is a quiet city surrounded by nature.
I've lived my whole life in Troutdale, and while it's a wonderful place to grow up and a fantastic place for families from the views and distance to cities with other attractions it doesn't hold the same appeal as an adult looking for a life with a little more adventure and a little more diversity and openness to the world.
Quiet and tree filled, but close enough that my Portland friends will still visit me! The historic highway is fun to explore.
I love that troutdale is a small town. Its far enough away from the city, but close enough to go downtown on the weekends. Its very safe and clean. It has lots of tiny shops to walk to and it has a great outlet mall.
Troutdale is small and quite but doesn't have much to offer when you are looking for places to eat. Downtown Troutdale is changing by adding some places to eat in the future. I would like to see big names in the outlet mall off of exit 17, the mall seems outdated and could use a face lift.
I really like the nature here. The people here are great. The Columbia River Gorge is right down the street. The schools here are great and offer really cool programs. The weather is really nice and consistent. There is a lot to love here with very little to hate.
I might be a bit biased because I have lived here all my life. But I love life in Troutdale, and while I could do without the wind that comes through, its small and very green.
We live in a quiet suburb of Portland, called Troutdale. Most of our neighbors have blue collar type jobs. Our neighbors mostly keep to themselves, but offer any help or household item when needed.
Small town feeling but close relation to Portland. Easy commute to the country or the city. Great sense of community and involvement.
The city of Troutdale is well-known for it's Landmarks. It has a Historical Columbia River Hwy that stretches over 75 miles, with amazing views of waterfalls, hiking and river. Chanticleer Point is the place to see when it comes to breathe taking spectacular views overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. It's close proximity to shopping outlet at the Gorge Outlet at great deals. Schools lack security and academic specific courses. The safety overall has improved, including the nightlife has productively increased. Overall Healthy living is on the lower scale, many fast food chains in the area. The diversity is minimal in the area majority is White. Most places would need to be commuting to reach destination city is widespread. The job opportunity is small in comparison to Portland, OR. In regards to the Real Estate Market it is steadily increasing, because cost of living is less, will need to travel for work. Definitely recommend to visit all the scenery.
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I have lived here since I was 5, and it's a mostly quiet little town on the edge of the wild Gorge. It's a small town, so you often end up knowing far more people in your area than you'd expect, and generally things are quiet, friendly, and safe.
Troutdale is an adorable "little" town, 30 min tugged away from Portland. Great Country Area and very, very close to the gorge and lots of hiking areas. A good place to race your children while living the country adventure.

The only bad thing about troutdale is that we get the east wind and ice storms. So around December-February get ready to be stuck at home for 2-3 days. :)

Otherwise, its a beautiful town to be in and like I said, it's only 30min away from PDX.
I went to High school in Troutdale, Oregon. I strongly enjoy this city, and the activities it offers. There are plenty of restaurants to get a delicious bite to eat at. There is a outlet mall located right off the I-84 freeway, which offers many stores to shop at. Wonderful bars/pubs to choose from as well.
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