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Probably the friendliest and most scenic Village in Illinois. Beautiful lakes & beach island. Tons of social events. Great police force, no violent crime. Elite school district. Lots of environmental preservation projects. Local government runs on a shoestring using mostly volunteers.
The lake is beautiful. Outdoor activities are readily avaialble.
I don't know much about politics. Illinois has had some problems in the past with corruption in government though.
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People could eat healthier and exercise more.
I feel very safe. There have been a few burglaries in last year, but that's pretty much it. Police drive around the neighborhoods very often. I don't have any immediate concerns.
The weather is for the most part moderate. We do get some heavy snow and rain throughout specific seasons/months.
The restaurants in the area are chains and very affordable. The are great options for any time during the day.
Employment is relatively easy to find in this area. The jobs also pay well. I have a lot of friends in retail and clerical services.
Local businesses are not doing that well because of the bigger companies that have bought spaces and properties.
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