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Timberlane is a relaxing estate to live in and is a great place to raise children. The neighborhood is very safe and the surrounding neighbors are very kind and welcoming to the newer residents. There may not be much to do outside of Timberlane, but however, Timberlane also offers the use of the golf course and pool if you pay the membership fee.
there's hardly ever anything happening
Hardly any community events in the area
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Very few vacant lots or abandoned homes. Best area is near Timberlane neighborhood.
In general, crime is low in this area.
Area is convenient located near grocery stores, schools, and parks. The traffic has increased over the years with no improvements to mitigate congestion during rush hours. If I could do it all over I would choose a different area due to increased noise disturbance from nearby railroad that runs late at night nowadays.
A few houses were left abandoned but later tore down after hurricane or abandonment. Overall, housing are good.
There are a few stray animals that roam around in the neighborhood. Overall, everyone has friendly animals; no one has ever been hurt or neglected any animals.
There are no crimes that occur in this neighborhood.
It is a nice and quiet neighborhood and if I could do it all over again I would choose to live here. There are no crime rates or robberies that occur.
All the houses are nice and well kept, with nice front lawns.
There are constantly people out for walks and such, and the local groceries are always well stocked.
There's not much crime around here, and what is is minor stuff.
Once you live here for a while, you get used to it.
There are plenty of options available to suit every taste.
Getting a job is not always the easiest, but opportunities do exist
Local businesses are welcome in this area and tend to do very well.
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We all know what we signed up for when we decided to stay in New Orleans.
The job opportunities include oil and gas industries, service industry, and medical fields. Those are the main sources of employment.
I assume it's just like any other area. Not too sure though.
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