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All the community in general knows each other. The library is near and open to any resource needed. The park is kept clean, harmonious, and safe to be around.
We moved out here to be closer to family. It has all of the stores you hope to find, nearby hiking, a view of Mt. San Yacinto, beautiful sunsets, it's affordable, and Palm Springs is a quick drive away for nightlife. Palm Desert has it's share of cons including 115+ heat in the summer, lack of vegetation, and a long commute to places of work including Orange County and Los Angeles. Overall, it's a good city especially if you don't have to commute for work or family.
I have lived in Thousand Palms since I was 2. Its the only home I have ever known and as much certain things suck I see it as where I'm from in particular. Living here you have access to really great fast food places, a wonderful community park, and the commute to places that offer goods and groceries is always under 20 minutes.
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Small bedroom community very close to many major cities. Tourism and agriculture are the major industries (home of Coachellafest!), and much of the population are seasonal residents, with jobs in support of these. There is a major park & rec area supporting local athletics year round. Only thing we're missing is a good sized grocery store, like a Wal-Mart food-only store and a drug store. There are several close by, but can sometimes be a hassle with traffic to get to them.
I'm not sure how the crime in the town is but it doesn't seem to be very bad.
The atmosphere her is very relaxed and I see positive change coming to the town.
there isn't much of crime in my area compared to the other cities.
i have been living here since i was born and i like it.
the neighbor hood is really calm and everyone does there own thing
This area is not too bad. I would probably live here again. This area is pretty average compared to the rest of the country. I see further improvement in this area in the future.
There is a varie of food options of different cultures all around.
It is a good place to live where many people come to take vacations to get away from cold weather states.
There are business where you have an opportunity to grow and continue in your education.
There are many stores and beautiful landscape places to relax here in the desert.
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