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I love it in Thousand Oaks! What a great place to live. The weather is amazing, there's great hiking nearby, and everything I need is within a short driving distance.
Voted safest city in the USA many years in a row. Great schools with many rated Blue Ribbon. Thousand Oaks offers many hiking trails, athletics, and many other indoor and outdoor activities. We are close to both mountains for skiing and the ocean for surfing. Our community has always been close and we like to help others feel welcome.
The students and staff at Thousand Oaks High School are very nice and welcoming. The school offers great counselors that will encourage you to try your best and not feel stressed.
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Thousand Oaks is a community full of great schools from preschool to high school. The community doesn't get together often, but when adversity threatens us (Borderline Shooting), we come together and support one another and help to relieve some of the grief and sadness of our neighbors. The nightlife in Thousand Oaks is very minimal, making it a perfect place to raise a family. It is a more expensive place to live for larger families, but my family manages to get by.
Living in Thousand Oaks has been amazing! There is such a strong sense of community and it is one of the safest and welcoming cities I have ever visited.
I like thousand oaks because it's one of the safest cities to live in. The schools are really good too. Most places are really close.
Liivng in Thousand Oaks my whole life, I think it's one of the best communities for children and adults. Recently our community has gone through alot and despite this, a huge range of people came and showed their support our town.
A place where you can still feel safe walking alone at night. Where you can have your children play in the streets. A place where you can watch a major Broadway production and then go home and hear the wild coyotes howl! A place with incredible hiking trails and great people!

Thousand Oaks Strong!
Great weather, great people. Plenty of restaurants, schools, houses, parks, libraries. Very nice area, but is quite expensive.
Thousand Oaks is a nice city. Its small but it has its perks. Its less than a hour from the beach and isn't to far from Hollywood and LA. There were some fires last year and some other community struggles we had last year, but we know how to come together in a community crisis. Good people are here.
It's such a breath of fresh air with wide open spaces; top public schools; the best libraries; delicious food; super shopping options, and the only downside is how many people are discovering how wonderful it is to live here, but the area
seems to attract the best and the brightest, so we rate TO Tremendously Outstanding!
Thousand Oaks is a great community where I have met so many wonderful people. It's close enough to Los Angeles but far away enough at the same time. Everything closes really early and it can get boring after a while but I have many great memories here in my small, beautiful hometown regardless.
It’s honestly a wonderful place to live. There is a community surrounding you here. It can be tough, since there isn’t too much to do, but you aren’t far off from beaches, mountains, and city life.
Thousand Oaks has a great selection of parks and recreational areas, with lots of options for hiking and taking a stroll.

On the downside, it lacks much in the way of culture, shopping, entertainment, or diversity in the ways you would expect from a more urban environment.

We have a saying for people who live in Thousand Oaks- “newly wed and nearly dead”. Move here to raise kids or retire, to enjoy the privileges of the suburban lifestyle right in between the Los Angeles, Ventura County and Santa Barbara metropolitan areas.

But don’t expect anything fun to do here if it doesn’t involve taking your kids to soccer games, and forget about having an interesting 20’s in Thousand Oaks. They do little to nothing to cater to these people, and so lots move away.

The city would rather use their budget for safety than invest anything worthwhile into the arts or a cool downtown district. This place is notoriously bland, and they like to keep it that way.
After the horrible events that occurred prior to Thanksgiving, I was able to see how relentless this community is. I have never seen so much support for those affected by the incident at Borderline and the amount of people willing to help the surrounding areas that were devastated by the Hill and Woosley wildfires. There is a lot of heart and care around these parts no matter what role people have in Thousand Oaks, and because of it I think friends, families, and loved ones were able to get through it a little easier because of all the help.
I have lived in the area for over 30 years and appreciate the overall safety and richness of the city and people. I am lucky to have had my children be able to attend school here and even attend some of the same schools i did as a child. Thousand oaks is the perfect setting for families and has great schools, beautiful parks and great restsurants and shopping centers. You couldnt ask for a more well rounded city or environment.
Thousand Oaks is a very safe and quiet town. There is a reduced amount of violent crimes compared to other cities. It is very family friendly though it is not affordable.
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Very family-friendly and safe area that can also be fun! Full of great schools nd a great community. A beautiful place full of unique stores and areas that one can grow and form a relationship with fellow habitants.
A safe location for children with good schools to attend. Good locations to spend time with friends, fairly quiet.
Wonderful community to raise a family. Sommjnity leaders seem to prioritize the quality of life for all show reside and pass through.
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