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It is very diverse and welcoming. There is always something fun to do. There is never a dull moment whenever you're in Texas.
Texas City is in a good spot between Galveston and Houston. I would like to see more restaurant diversity so I don't always have to drive elsewhere. The neighborhood is safe and only a few minutes away from a hospital.
I was originally born in Maryland but when I was around 4 years old, my family and I packed up and moved to Texas City, TX. Why Texas City? My dad seen it as a perfect job opportunity for him and he took it. Little did he know, it was one of the best decisions he's made for his family. I've been every since I was a little kid and still to this day, I grow more and more in love with it. It's not too busy and crowded like Houston or rural and bland like Waco. Texas City is the definition of best of worlds. It's easy to fall in love with everything about Texas City. The people, landscape & environment, the festivities and the town spirit is what draw you in.
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I have lived in Texas City, TX all my life. Our schools offer a diverse range of learning. It is a growing community located between Galveston and Houston with a variety of things to do.
I haven't lived here long but so far it's a nice area. I enjoy being close to both Houston and Galveston. I can enjoy the downtown city life and also get out to the beach with no problem. There is always something to be done not to far from home. The main complaint I have would be the plants near bye. They cause a yellow haze at all times over them at night. Other than that I do like living here.
This area is amazing! If you like to see a large body of water and have fun this is the place to go. They have different parks, museums and activities to do with the family like kite boarding!
Obviously when you are only rated better tgan 17% of citues in the U.S. you SUCK! Not to mention police running women out of public areas for breastfeeding when it is legal...this tells me that the very police that have your city so not know the laws and rules to make a better environment for Texas City citizens!!!
Texas city has been developing more Residential Zones. With the increase in tax revenues i hope this city can finally take care of its citizens.
I think my rating has a lot more t do with the home that we're renting currently. It's just been a bad experience with the property management company and we're on a very busy street so we don't spend too much time in our big yard with the constant traffic and noise.
Texans don't play around when it comes to barbecue, thick steaks and Tex-Mex food, and you're not going to find any better chili than spicy Texas chili. Chips and queso has become the state's unofficial appetizer, while hundreds of Made in Texas micro-beers and sparkling wines grace restaurants and gathering spots throughout the state.

Following regular-season football, the second most popular sport in Texas is spring football. Fans follow teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, the University of Texas Longhorns, the A&M Aggies, and hundreds of high school squads that helped inspire the Friday Night Lights book, movie and TV show. On many Texas calendars, the year really begins in September with football's opening kickoffs.
Texas city offers many job opportunities and it is a great choice for those who enjoy greenery is a clean area and I love greenery and Asian food. People are friendly and caring and the area is clean!
I like that it's small and every one knows everyone but opportunity for diversity advancement is poor.
Texas city is a clean area and I love greenery so it is good for those to wanted to explore this city. I love Asian food, it tastes great. There are many job opportunities. People are friendly and caring. It is great to have many many from different states and countries over here. Texas the great!
It Seems Pretty Good I Have Family That Lives Out There And It Would A Change For Me And I Love Change .
I love Texas City. It feels like a very safe city to live in and the people are nice. Texas City needs to add more healthy options for fast food.
It away from the city. Not too much traffic. People here seem really know each other and care for one another. Very nice small town to raise kids and it is close to the water.
I have family and friends that live there. It’s cute and has really built up well over the years. It’s not the most beautiful city, but the people are friendly, and you are only 20-30 minutes from Galveston and their is also the dike where you can take your kids too
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Well, Houston Is where I was born so my experience living here is wonderful. One example would be that people are nice and are willing to help when someone’s is in need. Things that I would change in Houston would be the flooding issue.
Texas City is a diverse city outside of Houston. The school system has merged with a neighboring city. As a result, the city must be on the same page of success for all.
I like that Texas City is very family oriented. I sometimes wish there was more to do in our city. They are slowly starting to rebuild Texas City which is very great but I also wish we could live without those horrible plants. Overall I think Texas City is a great place to live.
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