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It is usually very sunny in the summer and temperate in the spring and fall. The winters are not too harsh and we do not get overloaded with snow that often.
There is not much diversity as far as restaurants go. There are the typical chains and a few family owned establishments.
Most of the families in my community have lived here since it was built or for many years since they moved here. It is very family friendly and welcoming to new families who move in.
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I feel very safe in this area and I am certain that my neighbors and others in the community would agree.
Our public services are terrific and everything is kept well.
The only community events are held within the schools or the library. Occasionally, the town will have an event for a holiday, and it is quite nice.
Many people in my town must travel quite far for their jobs. There are some nearby, but not enough.
There are not many vacant properties in this area and almost all of the professional buildings are full. The houses are of varying size, but all are decent size and well maintained.
Many people are happy with the area overall. Some wish that there would be more activities or establishments, and others have trouble finding a job nearby. However, most would agree that this area is a great place to live in.
There are quite a few gyms in the area, but other than that, there aren't any other exercise venues.
There are a few parks near me that are very nice, but there are not many wildlife or environmental conservatories nearby and I would like to see more.
Buttercup is a local grocery store and deli up the street from me. They always have fresh produce and delicious deli products. The prices are very fair and the store is very clean. I would absolutely recommend this store to others.
Overall, this area is terrific to raise a family in. It is mostly quiet and there is very little crime. I would definitely recommend living here.
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