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I have lived in Terrytown my entire life. It is a quick drive to the bridge so it is easy to get to the city. It is where I sleep at night, where I work over the summer, and only a short drive from my school. It is where my brother and I played dodgeball and four square and volleyball in the street when we were younger. It is where my friends and I filmed "movies" that we thought we hilarious. It is where my friend and I go on runs and watch sunsets. I cannot imagine growing up anywhere else.
During the day while driving in the neighborhoods, you see kids playing out in the streets and it gives a very family friend vibe and also it's just enjoyable to see others happy. The areas surrounding are a little bit more intimidating. It's not unusual to be gawked at by men. However, you have to take into consideration that this is New Orleans. The restaurants are nice and the local Rouses looks very fancy. Crime seems to be high, but again, this is New Orleans. Keep your cars and houses locked at night just in case. Other than that, the people are friendly and southern hospitality is a thing, especially during Mardi Gras when everybody seems to be happy.
I have lived here for a little over four months and it is very different from where I lived before. My family and I moved from Algiers to Terrytown because the housing was more affordable and we wanted to feel safe. I am more comfortable when going outside to walk my dogs or get the mail. You see children outside playing a lot more, which is something we do not real,y see in society anymore. Moving here has been one of the best things for me and my family.
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In Terrytown, everything is close by, so you will not have to travel far to get to your destination. It is also a very safe environment with excellent neighborhoods.
As a resident of Terrytown, I have enjoyed living in this community. The community I reside in is a very quiet community where the neighbors rarely communicate. Typically, all of us stay in our own corners. I would love to see Terrytown grow culturally and participate in more festivals celebrating heritage. Also, I love the security of this community.
Nice, quite place to live and raise a family. Very close to downtown New Orleans, within a five min drive time. Easy commute across the river to get to the night life and culture of New Orleans. It is also located easily to the culture and history of many plantation homes and coastal areas of Louisiana and the gulf south. Plenty of fishing and water activities around the area. Public schools are good if you can get into the academic magnet schools. There are several private schools that you can choose from. Many shops to choose from for apparel in the local area. Several groceries stores are withing walking distance to choose from. Some of the grocery stored are locally owned and operated that contain local foods and products. Several times a year we have fairs and festivals for entertainment for the whole family.
Terrytown has changed somewhat since Hurricane Katrina, with a heavy influx of New Orleanians, as well as people who came to the area for reconstruction jobs after the Storm. Terrytown is suburban city bordering on urban New Orleans and Gretna. It offers lots of activities nearby. There are still relatively safe areas, but some areas, especially near rental properties aren't as desirable as they once were. The community is very racially diverse and predominantly Catholic.
I think the area always feels safe but I would like to see more homeowners instead of rentals around me so my neighbors don't change every year or so.
It's a small neighborhood with friendly people and nice houses. The stores are nearby and there is a skating rink people could try down the road.
I love the environment. I also love how friendly my neighbors are. The only thing I would change about terrytown is all more bus stop locations and extend bus hours.
Hello, My name is Sarah Davis. I have lived in Terrytown, LA all my life. I've experienced so much as a kid, for example, cheerleading at the Terrytown Playground. The Playground offers many sports for the local children. It's a perfect way to keep the kids occupied and out of trouble. The area is a very safe environment to live in. What I Like about Terrytown is the fact that it is a small town and everyone around is friendly. My favorite part is driving around the neighborhood during Christmas. The lights are beautiful! you'd really feel the Christmas spirit around Terrytown. Something I'd love to see change is our close neighbors, Algiers Point. Their town is so beautiful but they have a lot of abandoned shops that I'd love to see come back for the locals. A lot of people from Terrytown visit Algiers Point and absolutely love it. It's like a mini French Market but on the West Bank.
The crime and safety around my neighborhood is okay. The police or paramedics are called but not often. It's not a big thing over here, the crime.
The neighborhood is okay. But it could be a little better. Like the cleanliness around the apartment complex.
Living in Gretna is wonderful. The GNO is visible from your backyard and it's a nice quiet area. One thing is that police often stop you and heckle you and they like to give tickets.
everyone stays to them self and minds their own business.
For the most part, it is a peaceful area, but my house was broken into and robbed. There was also a taxi driver shot on my street corner.
The area is nice and pretty safe, but could use an upgrade.
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Nothing extraordinary, but it's not the most dangerous.
I would live here again because I am able to sleep with my door unlocked sometimes. Also, there's a cop right across the street from me so I know there is no other option but to respond. I don't often speak to my neighbors but they are not rude and seem unbiased seeing as how I am black and majority of them are white.
The local businesses are great! Right down the street, is a great little monogramming shop called E M Broidery. They sell a variety of items. From baby clothing to totes for men. Their pricing is reasonable. Another great local business is the Butcher Block. A great place for dinner for families. Great service and nice people. Also, Oakwood Mall is not too far from my house and they have a great variety of stores, and they are continuously improving. I believe that I can get everything I absolutely need living where I do, and if not, I'm not too far from the interstate.
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