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Tega Cay is an extremely family-friendly city with beautiful walkways and restaurants open to the whole family. Water sports can be enjoyed on the river and lake. Charlotte is close to good work opportunities and specialist healthcare. There are indoor and outdoor sports facilities and the school system is of a very high standard. Tega Cay is as safe as you will get this side of heaven. I would like to see the roads in better condition and the prices of goods not inflated.
This town is the definition of the suburbs. It is picture-perfect, and it often reminds me of the towns in movies. I have lived here for 5 years now. It is the safest place I've lived in. Crime is rare and petty. Everyone is very welcoming and nice. There is a sense of community here. Kids run and play in the neighborhood streets and cul-de-sacs. Golfing and swimming is huge too. The golf course is usually used throughout the entire year. There's a lake and also a community pool that both get filled during the summer. The police and fire department are always on patrol. There are many parks and fields for baseball, soccer, and other sports. Charlotte, the city, is a 30 minute drive from here. I will say the diversity is low here though. I am a Hispanic, and I see very, very few Hispanics in Tega Cay as well as other minorities. I would love to see more people of color here. Overall though, this town is a great place to settle in for families and older, retired adults.
Living on the peninsula of Tega Cay was a great way to spend my childhood. Fishing on the golfcourse ponds, riding my bike to meet up with friends on the numerous trails, and swimming on lake wylie and speding the days on the lake with friends and family. Tega cay was a great family enviroment to be apart of, having kids of all ages all around it was so easy to make friends.
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I've lived here for 20 years but have been in the area all my life. The Tega Cay area is suffering terribly from the overcrowding. Too many people moving here. The schools cannot keep up and the quality of education has deteriorated. The roads are horrible and they've been horrible for 6 years. Crime has flourished in the area. It's extremely sad especially for those of us from this area. It's hard watching your town go down the toilet.
I love that the houses in the neighborhoods are uniquely designed, and there are few "cookie-cutter" neighborhoods, where all of the houses look the same. I love having more space between different houses so that my family and I have some privacy. The people are incredibly welcoming, friendly, and willing to help out in any situation.
Tega Cay is a wonderful area. Lots of people choose the area for the school district, which is highly ranked. The people are friendly and the golf course and walking trails are nice for leisure activity. Traffic in the surrounding area can be pretty bad because of how fast the area is developing, but there is a lot to do.
I love living in Tega Cay however I wish the growth would slow down. Our infrastructure cannot hold the amount of people creating traffic in on our streets.
Tega Cay is a great place to live. The schools and neighbors are excellent. People actually care about people here in Tega Cay. I would raise my family here in a heartbeat.
Tega Cay is a growing suburb, definitely. It has its ups and downs, being a busy area in terms of traffic as well as a lack of diversity. The area is made up of mostly white, middle-class families. On a positive note, it is full of great public schools and is generally safe and good for families. It is in a good location for work as it is close to the rest of Fort Mill as well as the Charlotte area.
It's a very quiet place and I like living here. The lake is easy to get to and makes TC a fun place to live.
Fort Mill/Tega Cay is one of the safest cities in South Carolina. Police are seen frequently, but rarely in action.
The area is beautiful and clean. The price of living is relatively cheap and gas prices are low! There is a lot of construction, so traffic is bad, but it is because Fort Mill is a growing area.
I would not choose to live here in the future because there are too many people moving in, and schools are not being built fast enough.
What used to be a densely populated area has become vastly populated over the last few years. On any area of land filled with trees that could fit a home, a home is built. There are no abandoned homes.
The town of Fort Mill is beautiful, clean, and well maintained. There are playgrounds for children to play on, walking trails, puppy parks, and the lake. Within a 5 mile radius of my home there are baseball fields, tennis courts, a golf course, and soccer fields. Throughout the day you always see people walking through the memorial gardens, taking their dog for a walk, or enjoying the outdoors.
Where we live there is one way in and one way out which keeps the crime rate down. After living here for 12 years, I have not heard of one crime. Police track every stop sign, and always sit in front of the elementary school that was just built outside our neighborhood. I have not had one concern when it comes to safety. Kids are able to ride their bikes to school, and play outside with a minimal parental guidance.
Although this area is 99% free of natural disasters I would have to say the weather can be bipolar. It may start out sunny and beautiful and next thing you know its pouring down raining. Being a college student and walking back and forth to classes can be highly inconvenient if your not prepared for a down pouring of rain.
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For any and all types of food cravings you may have there is bound to be restaurant that will satisfy it. One of my favorite restaurants in Fuji, it is a japenese steakhouse about 10 minutes from my house. They cook in front of you, and do tricks and pranks to the customers by tossing vegetables in their mouth and building onion volcanoes. Also, about five minutes from where I live is a new restaurant called City Tavern. They have endless options on their menu, but I would have to say the spinach garlic sauce tortellini is to dye for. It is fresh and within one bite you are hooked.
There are many local business, restaurants, and shopping centers which provide employment in our local town. Also, we are approximately 20 minutes from the big city, Charlotte. Charlotte is home to many hospitals, businesses, malls, and high end care dealerships. All through high school I had a job at a local grocery store, and through college I have worked at MasterMedia Communications and also as a tutor. If you go our looking for a job you are bound to find something, there are endless job opportunities.
Page 6 Boutique, a small elegant clothing shop in Baxter Village. The workers are always friendly and ready to help you find the perfect outfit.
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