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Tecumseh is my home town that I have lived in for eighteen years, it is a small family friendly town. There is a small up town and down town area that has many shops and things to do. Overall the population is not overly large yet not too small that you do not see anybody. The schools are in the works right now, getting the best system they can for the kids living in Tecumseh. There are many parks, playgrounds, and jobs that can be found in Tecumseh.
Tecumseh is a very cute little town; however, it lacks diversity along with things to do-there is very little shopping or recreational things available.
Nice small town feel. Not happy with the change in the school system. I think they rushed into the change without fully planning it out.
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it's a quiet little town that's almost drug-free. Ther people are friendly and polite. Very respectful and considerate of other people.
Tecumseh is a wonderful small town. Downtown is full of interesting shops and Lev's has the best donuts anywhere!
It's been great living here, everybody is always friendly and the downtown area is always clean with something going on!
Tecumseh is a great little town. It is home to the Appleumpkin Festival, Ice Sculpture Festival, and many fun in-town activities. Tecumseh has a great youth theater program for younger teenagers that enjoy acting and musicals. There are many parks for parents to take their children to to blow off steam. Overall, Tecumseh is a great family friendly little town for all to enjoy.
Tecumseh is a small town its a very poor town not enough jobs. There is a few assistance help for the unfortunate
Tecumseh, Michigan is a quiet, peaceful town. The residents are very nice, and welcoming. I grew up in this town, and I am fond of it. The educational system honestly care for the well-being of children. I would recommend my town.
Overall it is a pretty small town with a lot of different places to eat, but there are not that many things to do for fun like on the weekends. Great place to raise a family because it is very safe, and is in a great school district.
Tecumseh is a small town in Michigan. With beautiful streets, full of local shops, antiques, and great restaurants. We kyaked in the Raisin River, and went for a hike on the Indian trails. Beautiful town great hometown feel. Also multiple wineries and a brewery.
There has been a few drug busts, but nothing dangerous.
Tecumseh, MI is a small town located in Southeast Michigan, it's quality as a town is great. The community is strong and the people among it share many common interests. The housing is very diverse, but up to par in all areas. The inhabitants are very friendly and a trip here could encourage a trip back very soon.
The crime in this area is slim to none. Its very obvious that people do not want to be associated with any crime and safety violations in this town. Almost every day I have to drive I see a cop. Since its a smaller area this town uses that to an advantage and is cautious of our overall safety.
The local businesses are slowly but surely growing in town, expanding what their is to offer. Their are small restaurants for any occasion. Their are a few thrift shops downtown that add to the environment. Our town has a big river where you can rent canoes and kayaks to float down.Their is a farmers market every weekend downtown. Every year we host a festival where people from the surrounding towns attend for the fall season. You can tell local businesses come together to help the community in their best interest.
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