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Taylorsville is a nice city and a great place to live! There are lots of great restaurants and parks to check out in town.
Taylorsville is where I grew up. I have a lot of fond memories of this place, especially at the rec center where I grew up swimming. I think there is a lot of diversity here, and I love that about it.
I have enjoyed living in Taylorsville. They do need to improve shopping centers and areas around them. The Mayor also needs to live up to what she says she will do.
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Nice place to live or work, family friendly, lots of places to eat, nice parks, friendly people and neighbors.
It is very peaceful here and the people are nice and friendly. I have always felt safe here, and have stayed in this town for most of my life. It is very rare for anything dangerous or extraordinary to happen.
There are very nice people here. I've met a lot of really nice individuals who I will be friends with for a long time. The shops are nice and overall it is a nice area. I've seen a few issues when it comes to the homeless population and drug users hanging out in parks though.
Overall Taylorsville has treated my husband and I very well. No complaints. I love how close we are to just about anything in the Salt Lake Valley and to all the wonderful hikes in the surrounding mountains.
I like Taylorsville, Utah area because it's close to everything, like the banks, grocery stores, and closer to the freeway too.
Taylorsville use to be not so busy. The more they build the busier it gets. they will be building a new LDS temple which means EVEN busier!
A good intersection between city and neighborhood. It is safe, there is coffee in many near by locations and stores are readily available. local schools are average traffic is awful, in rush hour but it is not bad at other times of the day. it is in Utah so it is pretty Mormon populated but there is a good amount of diversity in each neighborhood.
I have lived in and near Taylorsville my whole life and I have enjoyed it. Attending high school was great because of the diversity of the students at Taylorsville high. There are great places to eat and great people to meet. There is a good mix of middle class homes and people that live in this area. There is a lot of community involvement but I think I would like to see more involvement in events and support in the schooling programs from my perspective. Overall Taylorsville is an incredible place to live and to grow to love. I did, I a have created incredible memories there.
City is growing and more businesses are coming. We have a new performance art building being built now. We will have a new Target soon and many more choices of restaurants coming also.
Very friendly town. Lots of opportunities for social events and a great dog park for my pup. Lots of great food options and recreational options.
I like the community that Taylorsville has, it is an older community that is heavily protective of its members and it allows for people to connect with each other. I like that it isn't the richest community because it makes the houses and activities more affordable; however, it isn't the poorest community which makes it have less violence and better schools than other areas. Taylorsville is the ideal place to live if you are looking for a stereotypical middle-class house.
I have lived in Taylorsville for almost 20 years. If you are looking for a variety of fast food places and restaurants near your home this is a fairly good place to live. There are a couple of parks nearby allowing for choices as to where to take your child to play.
Ivory homes bought a plot of land a few years ago and built around 50 houses bringing new life to the area.
I have grown up in many parts of the United States so I've lived in many different cities, but I have spent the majority of my life in Utah (West Valley City and Taylorsville) and honestly there are many things to love about Taylorsville because you are in the center of many shopping centers, super markets, parks, schools and many other things. So you have a lot of close access to things.
At Taylorsville, I enjoy the sense of community and coming together. One challenge that can be fixed, is the traffic on the way to schools. Possibly have safer roads and a more organized traffic outline.
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I enjoy living in Taylorsville. It is a very good location for me because it is super close to the school I go to and it is close to the school that my younger siblings go to. There are all kinds of restaurants and grocery stores nearby so I can always get what I need without having to make a far drive.
Very friendly locals here. The neighborhoods can be safe and the flex lanes really did help with traffic issues that were occurring over the years.
Not too crowded, close to lots of restaurants and stores. There is shopping available where every you go.
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