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It's got lots of nice businesses, both small and corporate, and the parks are well-kept and nice. WCCCD is quite affordable and offers your necessary gen eds.
In my neighborhood it can be dangerous at times- from people driving far too fast down the street not paying attention, to neighbors watching my house far too close for comfort. It is a very busy city, where many people drive through so it can be a bit crowded. But when it comes to jobs there are far too many to count, with plenty of different options. It is affordable, and safe for the most part.
A pretty ordinary place. Not too many stand-out attractions, but it's affordable and has everything you need.
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I love owning a home here. Great city to raise a family. Rental apartments and townhomes are not very nice in general. There are a few nicer ones though.
I moved to Taylor 3 years ago. I live in a nice neighborhood and I like how local stores,restaurants ect are. I have very nice neighbors and haven;t had any trouble while living here.
There isn't very much to do in Taylor, but not very much happens either. It isn't entirely safe, but it is mostly safe.
I've lived in Taylor for over 4 years and really enjoy my life in this city. Going to the mall and park are some of my favorite activities to do. I wish police officers didn't pull people over for insignificant reasons.
It's a great city where the housing is affordable and the people are awesome. The city officials care and there is a lot of activities that go on. Heritage park is a jewel that should be treasured by all during all 4 seasons. It's a big city with a giant heart. The businesses are awesome. Lots to do right in our own city. Very little reason to travel outside of the city. I also work in the city of Taylor. Businesses here give back to the community which is awesome. This makes it a great place to live and work.
It's on the up and coming, not the nicest city but it isn't as bad as it once was. I wouldn't recommend attending their schools but all the businesses there are helpful. My dad actually owns a landscaping business and through working with him I've seen that the houses are pretty nice in areas.
Taylor has many good places to eat as well as the local mall. Heritage park is always nice and has many events.
I have lived in Taylor for most of my life and have always enjoyed it. I live in a peaceful neighborhood close to schools and shopping centers.
The cost of living is cheaper in Taylor so that’s why I moved to this city but I don’t like that the rates for car insurance are higher in this neighborhood that’s one thing I would change.
Everything is as it should be. Very relaxed not very upbeat. It needs more diversity and more jobs. The schools could use a little more funding. Pretty much out of the limelight. They need a Taylor Hero...I guess
Taylor is a city on the grow. The mayor is committed to revitalizing the city. Many new businesses are coming in including Menards, Walburgers and Ford.
It’s a friendly town, but it is somewhat dirty and on the lower end of middle class. There are good and bad areas, but overall it’s seemingly okay.
More Community events would be awesome! We have a quiet community with significant space . It would be wonderful if we could have more city sponsored events year round. Better communication from city hall and our government officials would be great. We have great diversity, and I would love to see our community celebrating this, starting from the top within our city government.
Now considered "Trump Country", the crime has steadily increased, all of the houses were turned into rentals, we're leaving.
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We live in a wonderful neighborhood, surrounded by all our basic needs within a half mile of our home.
I have lived and grown up in Taylor, it's the largest of the towns included in Michigan's Downriver. It is a nice place to be, a lot of people, and lately it has become quite overcrowded. People from other cities have traveled and decided to live in our city. I now have since moved to another, but do miss the convenience of Taylor when it comes to being around businesses.
Taylor is a beautiful town that’s growing rapidly, in both business and community sites like parks and event areas, but still needs work especially in the school department. But even that is being developed and should be improved within the next few years.
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