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Syosset isn't nearly as ethnically diverse as its surrounding towns, and the cost of living makes it impossible for the town to have a socioeconomically heterogeneous population. The schools only cater to upper-middle-class children who already have an abundance of educational resources at home--be it access to tutoring or having educated family members--hence their high ratings. In reality, the administration of these schools rarely plays a role in a student's academic development.
Syosset is amazing I have lived here for almost 3 years now and I haven't seen any issues with the community. The generosity of the people here is spectacular and the beauty of the parks and beach's are undefeatable if you were hesitant of moving here don't be you wont regret it is truly amazing and the community is like no other.
Great safe town. Neighbors are a good. Great school district . Could use some other type of restaurants other than Italian and Chinese food
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it's a quiet place to live. There are a lot of shops in the area which makes it very convenient to get errands done. Also a lot of supermarkets. It's not loud at night, have not had any issues so far. Plenty of gym options. The train is conveniently located. Giving four stars because technically, there is no town. But overall, great town!
Very safe environment with a great public school district. Access to beach (around 20 minutes to Jones Beach). Great Italian food and bagels, and more good international food if you can go to Flushing.
Nice, safe town. Lots of local shopping and restaurants which makes it convenient. Close to major highways.
The schools are great, the area is very safe. Doesn't feel like there is much to do in the town itself
Syosset is a safe place to settle down and raise children within. Despite this, the diversity is lacking.
I do love living in Syosset due to its cleanliness and opportunities for students. Syosset High School made me grow holistically and gave me so much support when applying to college. Syosset also have an organized railway station, in addition to a variety of foods, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. all within walking distance. I sometimes wish it was more diverse though in race and class.
Syosset has been a great place to live. It has close proximity to NYC and plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community.
I think that syosset is a friendly community where people will be able to have a safe place to live. The only downside is high taxes.
Syosset is decent overall. I never worry about safety, roads are accessible, and the public school district is amazing in terms of teachers and resources. It's not too far from the city, it's on the border between Nassau and Suffolk County, and beaches are nearby. Syosset, like much of Long Island, is beautiful all year long, especially in autumn. The majority of residents are Jewish and Italian, so naturally the local bagels and pizzas are excellent. There are a lot of local events for families with young kids. One major turn-off is that the community tends to be extremely competitive in every sphere (home value, clothes, cars, vacations, kids' academics etc.). The houses are also very expensive and the taxes are very high. As a student at Syosset High School, there is a subtle division between those who live on the wealthy side of the train track and those who live on the middle-income side. It’s common to find students who do not take a lunch period in order to take more classes.
It is a very family friendly area. Great area to raise kids and the schools are great. However, if you are in your twenties, this area does not offer a nightlife that one could be looking for. Not as many ethnic restaurants around here either, so a commute to flushing or the city is needed.
Syosset is an excellent town to grow up in. The schools are excellent and well ranked. Overall the town has a great influx of people who come for its admired factors. The town has a wide range of restaurants to eat at, however after a while they can grow tiresome. Activities to do in town are extremely limited, for example going to the movies requires at least a fifteen minute drive. However, there are opportunities for young kids with many fun and exciting places, such as bounce trampoline sports and bowling alleys.
The expense of living in Syosset is just outrageous. Very few affordable homes or rentals for young or single parent families. The "diversity" has a lot to be desired with VERY few black or brown families. I've lived here for my whole life and continue to live here with family so my child can go to a top-notch school. But I'm definitely not happy with the lack of true diversity and the elitist attitude of many residents.
Close to the city so you can travel there regularly. Proximity to beaches is also a plus. Surrounding towns are pretty.
Syosset is overall a very nice neighborhood to live in. First off, it is only one hour away from the city and many people commute using the train to go to work. Not only is the location ideal, the houses are beautiful and the community is a safe area to live in. Additionally, the school is rated as one of the best schools in Long Island. There are also nice shopping areas and malls near this area if you are an avid shopper. Although it is an expensive place to live, it is certainly enjoyable no doubt.
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While the public schools offer nationally-ranked educational opportunities, the town offers little more. The area lacks a sense of community.
Syosset is a great town for families looking to send their children to an excellent school district in order to be more prepared for college.
Syosset has an amazing school district and provides kids and families with a lot of growth opportunities. There are great restaurants in the area. Properties are beautiful and is a great community.
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