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It's an average town. Not great, but not the worst. If you want to live in the Twin Ports area, you'll definitely want to live in Superior. Duluth is not affordable for most people with one job.
Superior has beautiful lake shores and an unlimited amount of outdoor activities to take part in. It is a blue collar area and drug addiction is a huge problem. I would like to see more money spent in affordable, sober living.
Superior is a wonderful small town that I have lived in my whole entire life. I grew up here and loved it! The City of Superior is working on bringing more buisnesses here so that residents and tourists continue to live and travel here to see the Great Lake Superior. I would love for this town to continue to go in the direction that it is so that families, tourism, and residents continue to travel and love living here.
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I've lived here my whole life and wouldn't want to grow up any where else. The schools and the neighborhoods are great! I loved how in the elementary schools the class sizes are small compare to Duluth schools. My daughter got the attention she needed. I don't think she would have succeeded without it. The neighbor hoods are quiet and friendly. I am never afraid to walk around day or night. The only reason I didn't give Superior five stars is because of the weather, the winters are tortuous and there is a lack of spring and fall. It goes from summer to winter in the blink of an eye.
I have lived here my entire life. It may not be the best, brightest city in the Midwest, however the entire community is extremely enjoyable. The level of business I need Superior has decreased over the years as the population has slowly declined, but I seee great potential with the land and neighboring cities/towns that we regularly commute to and work with.
Eh, lived here all my life, just not much to do here anymore. It's a great city it just gets a little old after all these years. Good community and nice people just kinda boring.
Superior is a small town with not a lot to offer. Some things are changing to accomidate a more family-friendly atmosphere, but it is still lacking. There are not a lot of job oppertunities. There is a mall, but it has pretty much nothing availible in it.
Superior has a small town feel which i love. There isn't much to do but you can pass the time with work and friends or just go to one of the hundred of bars superior has to offer. There is little to no crime from what i have experienced and that is a big thumbs up.
Superior was such a nice, safe town when I was growing up here. Now it has become less safe and it seems there is less to do here now.
The City of Superior is a wonderful place to live! There is a small town feel, but close proximity to Duluth for Shopping and Dining.
Overall Superior, WI is a good city to live and grow up in. Anyone who leaves, at one time or another finds their way back here. It has a small town living feel to it with close friend groups. It is almost rare to even go to a store and not see someone you know or recognize. The nice thing is Duluth, Mn is a 5 min drive across the bridge, and that is where a lot of our fun and activities take place. Superior is a town of a lot of older residents with not a lot going on. Generally I feel safe in the city and don't have many worries. The nice thing about superior is that you are 15 minutes from the country with lots of state parks and hunting land to use. Though Superior can be seen as a city that needs a lot of improvements, I feel that we are lucky to live here thanks to what is surrounding us.
I grew up here. Small town feel with access to larger city of Duluth MN. Also close to country living. Best of both worlds!
The roads do need some work on them and a lot of big stores have just closed down. Also the schools are not preparing kids enough for a post-secondary education. The people here are very nice.
Superior, Wisconsin has always been known as a great place to raise a family, as it's a safe neighborhood. I have lived in Superior my whole life, and I don't plan on staying in this town only because there are not many things to go out and do, verses where in other bigger cities there's more options for other places,such as more places to bring your kids to, that they'll enjoy themselves at.
There are obviously some areas of interest when it comes to crime/violence, just like in all cities. The only real issue that separates Duluth/Superior from typical U.S. areas is the fact that there are two ports within the two cities (hence "Twin Ports"). This may cause some potential issues that other cities do not have to encounter.
Theirs alot of new crime everyday, right now its all about peoples vehicle windows getting shot out.
Its an okay town, just has been getting to be down in the dumps over the last few years.
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I like the area that I'm living in. Like in most cities there are good and bad areas and people that come with it, but that's a part of the experience. The area I'm living in is beautiful and there are so many opportunities to go to parks, zoos, national and state parks, protected areas, the Great Lakes, and plain city life. I believe my area would be in the top 20 places to visit in the country because of the natural wonders we have here. I definitely see myself permanently living here in the future despite the cold winters because of the views and people I have met along the way.
Superior is a small town. There are not many activities to do in the area that don't require much money. In order to do more things one must take a short drive to Duluth, Minnesota. The location of Superior is nice because it is so close to other cities which usually have more attractions for tourists and activities to participate in. I enjoyed going to high school in Superior. I felt that my education was of excellent quality. I also feel that the town is safe. The crime rates are not extremely high.
Winter is the longest season in the area. It gets very cold. Summers are short and not as hot as it may be in the south. The most essential wardrobe items are warm coats, hats, scarves, and mittens.
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