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I've lived here just about my whole life and I love it here. I like how everything is close together and I can walk to near by store. There is so much to do in Miami its nice. The only thing I would change is the roads, there is always so much traffic.
You'll only get robbed if you know someone that wants something from you. other than that you're safe in this neighborhood.
A lot of people, a lot of traffic, I feel out of my niche because I'm white in a Hispanic dominated area. Its a nice area, people generally keep to themselves, but watch out for each other.
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It is very safe and police are always able to respond.
I love my neighborhood, it is very safe, and everyone is very nice.
The vast majority of the houses are well kept. There is very low turn around in terms of sales. When a house comes on the market it sells very quickly.
It is a great neighborhood, centrally located to almost all of Miami. Low crime rate. Close to fire and police departments, malls, shopping. Good school districts. The only drawback is that Miami is a very expensive city to live in for the average family
I feel pretty safe where I live. I've never had any serious issues. But they do occur.
Have always loved Miami. Its a beautiful place but thats about it. The people can get pretty bothersome there after some time but heck, thats anywhere. Overall 8 out of 10
Our neighborhood feels safe. We could walk around the block without fear of crime. Our house, in particular, is on a somewhat busy street, so there seems to be someone always driving by. However, there have been some recent break-ins in the past few months.
The area we live in is friendly, safe and somewhat conveniently located. There is some traffic congestion, but that is hard to avoid in Miami. The homes are a bit dated, but in overall good shape and well maintained. We have restaurants and cafes nearby that offer foods that are familiar to our hispanic culture. The population in my particular neighborhood is pleasantly diverse. My family feels comfortable in this area.
There is rarely anything close by that the cops are needed for. Everyone is too themselves and calm.
It's a very calm and quiet neighborhood with occasional loud parties, but everyone is super friendly.
We live in a good area with good police protection. There are a few more homeless people that live on the street noticible in the area since some trees in a wooded area were torn down.
It is a great area but the general economy of the country has effected everything, everywhere.
If you want to keep to yourself and not have a positive community then this is the area for you. Most people do their own things but no one goes out of the way to be nice to each other but that doesn't mean that they don't.
It's a great and safe area to live. However, there are little scenic things to do in the area. It's about half an hour drive to get to the real attractions.
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Honestly wouldn't have it any other way love where I live
Many options in my area to go out and have a fun time
Nothing bad to say but nothing good to say of the employment in this area
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