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Great family oriented city. Great beaches, expensive apartments. Very clean and organized town. Parks everywhere and very convenient shops.
Living in Sunny Isles Beach is a nice experience if you love the beach and a luxury lifestyle. The city extends along the ocean and you can easily walk to the shore within a few minutes. There are many businesses here and high-end apartment complexes that make it a nice area to explore during the day.
I've been living in the Sunny Isles area for about 11 years now and I've always been happy here. I attended elementary school and middle school at Norman S. Edelcup before moving on to attend MAST@FIU for high school and now I'm enrolled full time with FIU.
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I have lived in this city for over 20 years. There is no other place I would live in Dade County. The city has everything from walking distance, it has a very good public school, and most of all it is a very safe city.
Sunny Isles is a city that is meant for people who already achieved something in life. Located near Miami and on the beach, it has everything you need to relax and enjoy your life. Great architecture, there are several buildings that make this place look like downtown, though most of them are build on the "first line" and are really expensive.
There are also several downsides. Recently police became firmer, it is common to see each time you drive by, someone is being pulled over. And there is no solid reason for that, criminal activity was lower than in the most surrounding neighborhood prior to this. Also renting an apartment is somewhat expensive. Relatively of course.
It's a very safe neighborhood, very nice people, amazing school, and overall a great community! The school is very safe and the teachers are very good. There are a lot of business and restaurants in the neighborhood, with supermarkets within reach and all sorts of stores to go to. All the homes are within a block of the beach, making it very easy to just cross the street and enjoy some time at one of the top beaches in Miami.
It's a wonderful town for families. It's right next to the beach and there's something for everyone. There's a large variety of shops and restaurants!
Sunny Isles Beach is a wonderful and safe place to live. Besides all the construction going on on the roads here for a while now everything else is pretty great. Everything Is walking distance Restaurants, supermarkets , clothing stores, etc... The beach here is beautiful.
I have lived here all of my life and I love it. It is very safe. I'm sure you could walk outside at 3:00 am and nothing would happen. There is also a strong sense of community even though the city is filled with tourists from South America and Canada. The city holds events like concerts, farmers markets, and othe things. They have a wonderful public library next to the police station and city hall. Everything is so close to each other. You could walk to the grocery store, doctor, restaurants, pharmacy, and the beach, of course. I went to the community school here for my middle school years (I'm now in college), and I can tell you that it is a great school with amazing teachers. All in all, Sunny Isles feels like I'm living in paradise all the time. This city is amazing!
Lots of construction. Would like to see everything slow down a bit. Sunny isles has great views and decent restaurants. The streets flood a little bit but that is just part of living in Miami and dealing with sea level rise. It's over priced but once again, it's Miami. Lots of Russians live in the area. High fashion and luxury cars every where. Sunny isles is a distinguished place from other parts of the world.
Great place to enjoy the Florida sun and forget about winter! Lots of things to see and do, especially for Russian speakers and young families. Only downside being you need a car for everything.
Not the most adventurous place, but it's a pretty nice place to raise a family. There are pretty nice parks, as well as a pretty good school. Not much of a nightlife, unfortunately.
I moved to Sunny Isles because their Public School is one of the best in this area. It's also very close to the beach.
I enjoyed living here, away from the main "hubbub" of Miami, but still right on the beach. The weather was amazing, and not a bad drive either to south beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach.
I like the diversity. You can find anything from Russians who live on the beach, to Argentinians on vacation. I have met the best people around the world with open minds. I have seen many different cultures come together to become one in this neighborhood and it is inspiring to me.
Living in Sunny Isles Beach in short is A1A, its golden, and its far above other places in the country. The city is overflowing with wealthy investors and property owners, driving around in high end sports cars and rolls royces. Although the city is stagnant in commercial development, residential life here is amazing.
Crime is of no issue in this area. That is the last thing to worry about. I have lived here all of my life and I have never witnessed a crime. Its a very safe area to live and walk around.
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Overall its a very expensive area to live in. Thanks to the opportunity of moving here before all the prices sky rocketed me and my family were able to find a great apartment. Everything is conveniently close in this little community. It is very safe with police on every corner when needed with immediate response. It is also a very family oriented neighborhood with lots of parks to visit during the day. I see this area only progressing and becoming even more pleasant than it already is currently.
Very Safe. No crime. Police are in surveillance in every corner, high police protection. I have no concerns or complaints.
Usually the housing here it is expensive, but the houses look very nice. The best areas to live in this area is Ocean View.
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