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Its a wonderful town. I grew up here and still live here. Its great! The schools are good. They have lots of support for people with learning disabilities now (They did not when I went through Lincoln Hubbard Elementary, 2000-2005) Summit has amazing restaurants as well.
I like the downtown and the accessibility of walking to downtown from the highschools. I like the different activities available and the varying price ranges that are available. One thing I don't like is that parking in downtown is very challenging, but otherwise the town is very nice and has a generally kind, friendly, involved population.
Growing up in an affluent city like Summit allowed me, a student of the public elementary school, middle school, and current high school students to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities that students have been provided with. Additionally, Summit is a big supporter of local stores, creating the cozy-small town feel that makes everyone feel welcome
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I moved to Summit NJ two years ago and I have to say that these two impressed me a lot when it comes to the community. It's a town like the movies, where everyone helps and comes together. My experience in school was amazing, transferring my last year I thought i would not make friends but everyone was super friendly and welcoming. The education for teens is one of their top one. The city in general is very clean and organize, I would recommend people who are able to afford and looking for a nice town; Summit would be the first option.
Summit is a beautiful town. It's always clean and very family-friendly. Even though it is a bit expensive, its worth living here because it''s a nice healthy living lifestyle.
It is a charming and lovely little town that has an incredible school system. The people are always friendly and willing to give a helping hand. In our downtown, we have many restaurants and a couple of fine dining establishments. Along with that, we have a train station and its only 45 minutes from Penn station, great for working in the cities. Our parks are wonderfully clean and safe, the houses are beautiful that surround the parks. We have a YMCA that is in the downtown area it has many classes going on and amazing gym amenities. We have a beautiful public pool with two big slides, one diving board, a kidding pool, a snack bar, a playground, a basketball court, and a huge pool. When you visit or live in Summit NJ you will never find yourself bored and or with nothing to do.
Great schools in Summit. Summit has a very lovely and developed downtown area, perfect for going out with friends or catching an early dinner. Another big part of Summit is its sports. Lacrosse is a competitive sport in this town. Many kids go onto very good schools like Columbia and Stanford for lacrosse. Summit's hockey and track teams are also very good. Not only does Summit emphasize athletics, but also academics. Classes can be rigorous and demanding, but also meet the needs of those who need extra help.
Moved to Summit when our first of three children was born and he's now in the high school. We've enjoyed every minute through the terrific school system and getting to know people in town. I volunteer on some local committees and find that people truly care about what's best for the whole community. The politics is genteel, not really partisan, which is such a relief and there's a great sense of competence in how things are run. The town is expensive with regard to housing but that's par for the course when a place offers so much.
Summit is a great place to raise a family as it is very conveniently located. There as a fantastic public school system as well as a variety of things to do and places to see. Everything you need is located within the 6 square mile radius and anything else is a short car, bus, or train ride away. The town illustrates suburban life in New Jersey with a glimpse of the city-life. Both New York City and the Jersey shore are in perfect vicinity.
Summit is a phenomenal town. It is a small suburb and just a 40 minute train ride into the city. It is known for the famous Summit Diner and other small boutiques that add to its charm. Summit breeds athletes and are well known for their stellar high school lacrosse and football teams. Summit is also well known for their public education system. Rated 21st out of all New Jersey schools could be a reason why many choose to raise families here.
Summit, New Jersey is filled with many great things: excellent education for the young ones, strong sport programs, plenty of greenery, and a nice downtown where you and your friends can dine at numerous restaurants, go shopping, or just spend the afternoon at an art shop. As a nearby resident, I have traveled through Summit nearly every day. I like that it is safe, clean, has easy access to transportation (has a train station and buses), and there isn't much traffic. New York City is also very accessible from Summit. It can be anywhere between a 30 minute to an hour commuting.
Love living here. Taxes aren't too bad for NJ. Schools are great and people are nice. Houses are beautiful and people really take care of their yards, etc. There are some decent restaurants. Getting to the city isn't bad. The sports programs are top notch and people are very competitive. It's been difficult making friends, but the quality of life here is fairly strong.
Summit is a very good town to live in. We take pride in our school, sports, and our town. We have many people who support the town and do our best to make it one of the best towns to live in. We even have famous people who live here like Rex Ryan, Eli Manning, and Nick Mangold.
Overall this is a lovely town to live. The public and private school are excellent, their are plenty of restaurants to choose from, it’s only a 30 minute commute to NYC.
it's a nice town to live in although its expensive. it's clean, easy access to transportation, and very safe. the cops are great
I wish the "Summit Bubble" would pop. Summit is obviously a more expensive town to live in. There are pros and cons to that. The public schools are great and there is a lot of funding for sports and the arts. At the same time as teenagers see each other getting brand new cars that is not realistic. Although Summit does not consist of wealthy people only it feels like it. There is a lot of pressure to have certain things and look a certain way.
Summit is a very nice town with an active downtown full of restaurants and shops. The school system is very rigorous, but will prepare you very well for college. Sports are very big in this town and most have strong programs. Summit is overall very kid friendly and safe. The public parks and pool are very well kept.
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I have lived my whole life in Summit. The education system is wonderful, and there is barely any crime or incidents that happen in this town, therefore I would say that it is a family friendly town. The nightlife is alright, although stores and restaurants close early during the weekdays. The cost of living is expensive because of the education system as well as the safety. The commute is wonderful especially because there is a bus system and trains running every hour.
Summit has a good school system and quite town. Things that can change is adding more entertainment downtown where its mainly little stores and restaurant's
Summit, NJ is a family oriented community. I love Summit because the neighborhoods are safe and friendly. Summit has an excellent public school system. Downtown Summit has some of the best restaurants and shops. Downtown Summit also has the train station and NJ bus transportation. The only thing that I would like to see more of in this town is cultural diversity.
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