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I love being in a smaller community because I know lots of the people living here. We are surrounded by a lot of lakes and rivers and we have lots of parks. Though our roads aren’t all the nicest, we do our best.
Its a small town, so people know people. Most are friendly. There are, however, a lot of drug problems like many towns. The public Schools are horrible, and most of the restaurants have bad service. The city is expanding, so it's a little nicer. I think the City should spend the money we pay in more wisely and not on moving a train station 3 blocks away for just under a Million.
Sturgis is a lovely little. Its full of history and its not to fast paced. Its a great place to be. If you like farming, hunting, and the country its a good place to be.
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Sturgis is a rural town and therefore has a small town feel but it still is very close to big cities making it a good in-between place to live. While there are all of the essential amenities, there has lately been some very welcomed improvements in the past few years with grocery stores and restaurants Such as Wings Etc and Miejers. Sturgis is a safe place to live and is a great place to raise a family in.
I feel Sturgis is a safe place to raise my family. I work nearby and I love the feel of a small town. We have several large cities all within an hour drive if we need more.
The town of Sturgis, Michigan (not to be confused by the Sturgis, South Dakota) is a small town. Growing up in a small town does have its advantages. It's a people friendly town and safe place to live. We didn't have a lot of activities to participate in other than school events, so being with friends was very important.
I feel Sturgis is a great small town that keeps offering more to the community. They have a lot to offer children and adults of all ages. They have wonderful places to eat. Great stores to get what you need. Sturgis offers several opportunities for the youth to stay active.
Sturgis is a great small town. The school's at sturgis are excellent. Also, the schools are great with students that have a disability. Students have a lot of sport options to participate in! such as golf,soccer,bowling,tennis, volleyball, cheer leading, wrestling etc. and clubs! Sturgis has some awesome places to go out to eat. For example, apple bees, buffalo wild wings, wendy's, culvers and much more. If your looking for some fun or relaxing time , Sturgis, has a movie theater , bowling and lazer tagging, coffee shop and more.
Sturgis is a great place to raise a family. It has a small town feel and our school district is top notch. After many years of factory closings, restaurant closings, etc, Sturgis is growing by leaps and bounds. We are getting new restaurants, grocery stores, and more and more local businesses.
My neighborhood is a typical middle class neighborhood. It's nice and the houses for the most part are well taken care of. There are some neighborhoods that are very nice and others that are very scary.
The community is getting better about how they live and how they treat people. Many people are very close minded.
As the town increases in size and business come in to the town, we see more crimes. I think as long as the police keep themselves visible and stand their ground the town will be okay.
A lot of Mexican cuisine due to the high population of Mexican immigrants. A lot of these restaurants are family owned and operated, and are very good! The bar scene is pretty nonexistent unless you were to go to Applebee's. Not too many places to sit down and have a drink.
Pedestrians are usually pretty safe. Accidents are rare or nonexistent. The public transportation system for the general public is also nonexistent unless you order a Greyhound ticket. The only public transportation that exists is for older folk.
The experience in my town is not so much the culture scene -- it's the people that you interact with on a day-to-day basis. Whether it's the people you work with or the people that serve you a great cup of coffee, it is the people that make the atmosphere fun and enjoyable.
The public services employees in my area are a remarkable bunch of people. We are our own electric municipality, thus generating and selling our own electricity. Public service employees do a terrific job to keep our town clean and beautiful. However, with the winter in Michigan being how it was, the roads are terrible.
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