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Great, quiet area, seconds from the Maryland state line. Very quaint and walking distance from home to restaurant, store, and post office.
We enjoy all four seasons in this area. Some winters experience quite a bit of snowfall, but other times are mild. Summers can sometimes be quite humid. Thunderstorms are frequent lately; with a lot down trees. This causes power outages.
We have a great variety of restaurants. Fast food chains are in all surrounding areas, such as McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. We also have the nicer sit-down restaurants; such as Long Horn, Ruby Tuesday, Olive Garden, and Texas Roadhouse.
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Most people take adequate care of their area. There are not many vacant properties. Rural communities seem to be better locations to live. Downtown Hagerstown, MD, is crowded and not as well kept up.
There are still people looking for good paying jobs in this area. The trucking industry helps in this area. Fed Ex and UPS, and retail and grocery stores provide a lot jobs.
There are quite a few places to workout; including the YMCA, gym membership places, and trails to jog or bicycle. There are a number of urgent care locations and a local hospital.
We have a great variety of businesses in this area, including outlet centers. The outlets have major brand name stores, such as Nike, Bose, Clark's, etc. A good variety of grocery stores. appliance stores, restaurants, etc.
People are friendly. They mostly stick to themselves. Pets are not a problem.
The taxes in the Greencastle-Antrim School District are very high. When our children graduate, we are going to look in a different district to live.
There are a good number of pedestrian crossings. Within the last year, they have added a bicylists' lane on one of the busy streets. That was great. Parking in some areas, such as down town, can be difficult. Interstate 81 is becoming highly congested. Sometimes we take an alternate route just to avoid it, especially on weekends.
The police/fire stations are adequately placed throughout the area. The reaction time seems to be fairly well.
We offer carnivals, concerts at the Maryland Theater in Hagerstown, MD, rail trails, camping, and hiking.
We have a few state parks which offer camping, swimming, and picnic areas. Local parks also offer walking areas, observation of wildlife, swings, etc. for children, and picnic/pavilion areas.
Occasionally we have some vandalism; such as smashed mailboxes. We are a small town and everybody keeps to themselves. It would be more comforting if a local policeman would drive through our neighborhood occasionally that way it would perhaps ward off potential offenders.
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