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The Stanford is very close to Stanford University and a lot of huge company in the heart of silicon valley. The dynamics is very active and full of creation. On the other hand the competition is tense. Big dream come true is everybody's dream but also a lot of people fail to fulfill their goal. The living cost in this area is among the top of all USA areas.
Everything is top-class here. From primary school to university. In Palo Alto - where I live - the education offered is top-notch. Palo Alto high school and Stanford are both among the best in the US. The Safety is excellent. The only common crime is bike theft. There are many diverse ethnicities residing here, most of which have received graduate education. The level of education here is very good. The housing prices are very high unfortunately. You need to have a really high income to rent/buy an apartment here. People with ordinary jobs cannot survive here. You need to be a top-notch professional or an entrepreneur to have an easy life here, otherwise Palo Alto is not a good choice for you. Also the nightlife is not very good here; most places close early at night.
Great campus, very affluent area so the cost of living is extremely high, however. Transportation is a bit of a pain, so allow for additional time to get anywhere due to traffic. Bike transport is prevalent and very much in the way of everyone else.
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Several areas are very popular places to get food, such as University Avenue or California Avenue.
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