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St. Regis Mohawk Reservation Reviews

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There are two police forces in the area as well as first responders and firefighters. There seems to be an average amount of crimes but nothing to be too concerned about. I feel very safe living in this area.
Akwesasne is a great community, I feel very fortunate to live here. We are much better off than a lot of other communities I have been to.
The best places to live would be near the river. lots of fun things to do near the river.
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We have tribal police. I think they are responsive when something occurs.
I live on the Akwesasne reservation and growing up its been getting better.

People are active and there are always events benefiting someone or just for entertainment.
There's a good variety of local mom-and-pop stores.
The mall is going to shit and they're losing more stores in this area. It's a tough economy right now.
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