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St.Pete is a very fun and exciting city to be in. There are white sandy beaches to enjoy along with the historic downtown art district. The more time you spend in St.Pete the more you see why people live there. The only part that needs to change is the diversity of the people that are there. A large part of St.Pete is that of older white folks. There needs to be a change in the ethnicity and age group of the people that are there. Overall St.Pete is a city where many will enjoy themselves and keep coming back again and again.
I was born and raised in St. Petersburg and have become extremely involved in the community. Although the city is already so beautiful, I wanted to make my own impact on the community that has given me so much. My sophomore year, I established a non-profit organization. SP7, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit registered with the IRS that aims to engage the young community in the cleanup and restoration of the seven miles of waterfront parks in St. Petersburg, Florida. Throughout the rest of my high school career, I have begun to focus my studies on environmental efforts in order to make a difference in this issue that has become so important to me. It has been amazing to see the support within my community and I hope to return to St. Petersburg one day to start a family.
As long as you're careful to avoid the south side neighborhoods below Central Ave, st Pete is a nice area. Downtown is beautiful and there is no shortage of things to do and places to see. Events of all types are held at Vinoy Park, a popular public destination by the water.
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The overall weather and the circumstances are really great. Also, the beaches are nice places for people to relax and have fun.
I love my city, I was born and raised in St. Petersburg and have enjoyed the past 23 years of living on this strange little peninsula. This community is incredibly diverse, it has a fascinating history, and stands somewhere between a small city and a large town. The city isn't the safest place to live in the world, but who would want to live the safest town with every sharp corner rounded off so no one could possibly hurt themselves or others? The only thing I would like to see with my city is perhaps a limit on new development. In the past few years St. Pete has experienced massive growth, which is good in a lot of ways, but there has been a massive shift in the community due to the influx of new residents moving here.
St. Petersburg is packed to the brim with things to do, especially downtown St. Pete. There are water activities like boating, sailing, or the beach to enjoy here.
St. Pete is my home town and iv'e grown up here and don't plan on moving from here, that's how much I adore this place. The nightlife is so pretty, everyone get's along regardless of wherever you come from. It's a calm and nice place to stay in if you want everything around the corner because that's how it is here.
Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city filled with fun things to do at any time of day. Nearly everything I need from groceries to veteranary care is less than 15 minutes away from my apartment. I love the community here as the city has events almost daily to help people get involved.
St. Petersburg, FL, is full of art and sunshine. The people here are so amazing and work hard for everything they own. My city is also caring when it comes to keeping the earth clean. There is always someone giving out a helping hand and helping others.
St. Petersburg is a perfect place to live. Each night you can hit the beach to see a different sunset. Downtown St. Petersburg is filled with great restaurants and unique shops. You can bike or walk around the water or to eat. You can sit in the park for a concert or picnic. We have great sporting events. We have theater and the Dali and other museums. There truly is nothing St. Petersburg doesn't offer it's visitors and residents.
St. Pete is such a wonderful place.
Very historic, plus there's always some new bar to check out, or new restaurant. St. Pete has some of the best food I have ever had.
There's always games and concerts going on, plus the city allows you to rent some bikes and ride around the city!!!!
My only complaint is you have to have some knowledge of which neighborhoods you can be in. Some parts are pretty sketchy.
Nice area to live depending on the neighborhood and the cost of living can be very high. Neighbors can be loud sometimes.
St Petersburg has a great local dining scene, great beaches, easy commute to local areas. Local baseball, close to Tampa for music and football.
The city of St. Petersburg is one of a kind. The artist that fill the city made the skyscrapers into their canvases with breathtaking murals down every street. The neon lights illuminates the nightlife with friends at every corner. Multiple restaurants, that carters to everyone lifestyle but are also delicious! Most importantly, St. Petersburg welcomes everyone and is home to all types of beautiful people.
Coming from a city where violence and drugs are a huge epidemic, it is very easy for you to turn to the streets. Inspecting people close to me follow the streets made me realize that life has a funny way of displaying what your purpose in life is.
St. Petersburg was originally a retirement place now it has grown tremendiously the retirement is slowly becoming overtaken and the simplicity that the town use to have is becoming obsolete. For the movers and shakers it is the place to be.
St. Petersburg is an eclectic, artistic, accepting city full of every type of person under the sun. It may rain all summer, but the weather is beautiful if you like the sun. Dogs are everyone's best friend. There's so much good food to choose from, nightlife, paddling, boating, fishing, scuba diving, 5K's for days.. you have no reason to be bored!
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I have lived here for years and there is just such a nice vibe to the town. It's modern and classic Florida all in one. Everyone who I know is super nice. I would love to live here for years to come.
Some of the roads need fixing, but overall everything is good. Everything is very close. School here are very good. In St.Pete there's a lot of places to visit, like the spring and a nice beach. We are a very diverse city in Florida.
People are boring and there is not much to do. At night there is fun things to do like go downtown and go to the beaches. There are some good food places but food is not very diverse.
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