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The arts scene here is very vibrant and citizens are generally very friendly. I’ve lived here a long time and I’m still exploring and finding new hotspots around town.
The convience of pretty much anything you could want nearby is great. I would say however, the roads are pretty banged up and could use some freshening up.
I love St.Paul. The people here are king, lovely and welcoming. Depending on which area you are located it can be very quiet or loud. Down town St.Paul is gorgeous. They have beautiful big buildings. Many bus and trains to take you around under 10 dollars a ride. I love Saint Paul because of how creative the people makes their food. There are many pho restaurants as well as taco joints. Growing up in Saint Paul I would always learn something new each year.
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Close to other suburban cities, not far from Minneapolis downtown. I like how St Paul downtown is small and built like a older downtown.
St. Paul is a decent place to live in. If you don't watch your stuff, they will get stolen. The neighbors tend to do their own thing which is nice. You don't have to deal with much issues revolving your neighbors. You can do what you want as long as you are not disruptive.
Saint Paul is a city with lots of activities, bars, and entertainment venues, while still feeling like you're in a suburban environment. It feels cozy and safe, but still provides all the excitement one asks for in a big city.
It’s an excellent city to live in and very close to Minneapolis. Both cities balance each other out very well. While Minneapolis is a more young and vibrant city, Saint Paul is very calm and older city.
I have lived in Saint Paul my entire life so far. In general, I feel safe here and it is a very diverse community.
The city of St. Paul is where I mostly grew up. I have always feel comfortable and free. I really like how St. Paul is very diverse. Many people of different race, cultures, and backgrounds live together. St. Paul is also welcoming. There's more nice and respectful people here than anywhere else I have visited.
Stores are close, the lights and the people. It is very safe unlike others say. You can always find jobs and food places. Very diverse and many cultures are found and seen.
I rally like the family friendly aspects of this city. It is also very beautiful and there are many fun activities, during the night and for a fun day
What I love about Saint Paul is all the great restaurants you can find! There are Three main areas I'd go to for food Hmong Village which is on Phalen Bvld. Then Arcade St, and Payne Ave there are a lot of Asian restaurants and Hispanic restaurants on these streets. Finally University Ave there are tons of restaurants here my favorite would probably be Little Schezuan which is a Chinese Hot Pot Cafe. What I most like about Saint Paul is the Pho, you can Find Pho on every one of these streets and the best thing about it is that every restaurant makes it a little different! Five Stars!
I am living in St. Paul since 2015, and it feels amazing. Although it is very cold, I am enjoying my life here
Listen, St.Paul is one of the best around. Spring in STP has to be the best. It's not too hot like it is in the summer and it's not too cold. When St.Paul is green is when it's most beautiful. There's so much to do outside in STP and it's all in the city too. The local shops are great too. Grand Ave is like it's own little town. The farmers market in downtown STP is really great on a weekend morning. Minneapolis is fine, it's HIPSTER to the max but they have some good food and breweries down there.
I absolutely love St. Paul. The neighborhoods are so warm and welcome with large trees, beautiful landscape, and old homes that give an authentic feel. Moving here was the best decision.
I moved here 3 years ago and I love it. I love it for personal reasons. I had to get out of a bad situation and St. Paul, Minnesota provided that for me. It provided me with my first job, a place to stay, a wonderful man, and now a beautiful baby girl. My overall experience has been phenomenal.
I like living in st paul since its diverse and where the Xcel energy is which means all the hue events are. What I don't like is how busy traffic can be going to work or getting home from work.
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Depending on the area it can be a really great place! Some neighborhoods have a lot more crime than others. School don’t have as great of education as areas like the suburbs.
My time in Saint Paul has been quite pleasant. The art and music scene is part of the culture, along with diversity.
I love the community aspect of St. Paul. It is a big city but is has many small subsections that make it seem like multiple cities. Most of the people are very nice, and the city is very diverse. Every person of any race will find a welcoming place in the city, and that is why my experience with St. Paul is very good. I grew up in St. Paul and it has shaped me into the person that I am today. My family has lived in St. Paul for many decades and the people I have meet, and been around have positively affected my life. Though there are some poor neighborhoods, St. Paul is overall very safe, and isn't a danger to anyone. My overall experience has been very good.
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