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Love the atmosphere, extremely safe and clean, and very cohesive community. Lots of opportunities for kids.
I am so proud of my community as a whole. being what I like to think of as one of the most safe and clean towns in Minnesota
St. Michael is a safe, clean town that is close enough to the metro to experience the city but far enough away to safely bike and run on the roads.
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I like st.micheal because everyone is like a family it has a good comunity.the schools are excellent st.michael elementary is rated 50th in minnesota last year are schools even had our 50th anniversary.
I would like to see more diversity in Saint Michael and less emphasis on religion. This is slowly improving though.
I love the community and school district. I feel valued in both my education and my contributions to extracurricular activities.
I think the area is very safe and friendly. I think it's in the perfect place; the cities aren't too far away, and there's fun things to do surrounding us in both directions. There's a variety of place to eat, and for fun, there's a bowling alley and a movie theater. It's a very family oriented community, which is nice for me for babysitting opportunities. The city is close enough to the cities where we're not out in the middle of nowhere, but we're also far enough out where there's still multiple farms within a few miles of each other.
A very safe community with great education. Close to the twin cities without having a city feel. The perfect combination of suburban living and small town local.
St. Michael is an awesome town to raise your kids in! It's a very family friendly city and it has great academics all the way through high school. It's very close to the cities as well and it's a short drive to get to any shopping centers or restaurants.
The community is very tight knit. Everyone looks out for one and other and offers support to other families when it is needed. The school system is one of the highest performing in the state because of the support by the parents and other community members. It is also a very safe neighborhood to live in. I have lived here my whole life and I am very thankful that I got the chance to grow up in such an amazing community. Even though this city continues to grow in population every year, it somehow still manages to retain that "small neighborhood" feel that most people like.
I moved here almost three years ago and although it was pretty conservative, they accepted me. They taught me about fun aces around town, even if they aren't many.
Quiet, homey and friendly. It’s close enough to a large city but far enough away from the hustle and bustle.
Half rural, half suburban. Love the growing town, the school, the local businesses. Only downside is aside from outdoor activities there is not much to do, but we do have lots of places to get pizza!
Saint Michael is a small suburban town with friendly neighbors and a great community of people who are looking to better the town.
I love living in Saint Michael,MN. I didn't grow up here but I attended middle school and high school in the town which was hands down an amazing experience.
A very family friendly town. Everybody is willing to help the community, absolutely love it here. There is plenty to do around town and job opportunities are growing.
St. Michael, Minnesota is a small community located about 35 miles north of Minneapolis. It is a very family friendly town that has been growing over the last decade. The schools are ranked very highly in the country and have had many successes both academically and athletically.
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The town is very safe and is a strong community. There is a good variety of all age groups. It would be better if there were more restaurants or things to do, other than the high school sporting events.
St. Michael has great schools which make for a community unified by academic, athletic, and artistic excellence. The community is made up of conscious and concerned citizens (although sometimes a little too concerned). It is a growing area with new businesses frequently popping up. While some celebrate the growth, there is also a lot of complaints about the suburbanizing of the community centric small town. There are many parks and trails great for walking, and many are away from the bustle of traffic. Houses in new developments are very cookie-cutter, but are popular for young families.
It is a wonderful town to live in. I really enjoy the community, and there are rarely any crimes occurring. It is a very safe place to live in, and I love to get involved with everyone here. I have lived here for over 10 years, and I do not plan on leaving anytime soon. I love it in St. Michael!
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