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I have lived in the great St Matthews area for the last 30
years, I have lived on Norbourne
Blvd, wonderful neighbors, now
I live on Grandview ave, it is as if
you have know this part of the city,forever, it is such a peaceful .,loving, and diversity place to live,
I am a woman of color, and have always been at peace, because, of my neighbors, this place is next to Heaven!!
St. Matthews has been a great neighborhood to live in. Crime rate is low, neighbors are friendly, and there are so many dogs!! we have lovely parks and playgrounds. I am blessed to be raised here. I love the community!
St. Matthews is a great place to live. There is a large amount of different things to do and there are many great restaurants. The city is mostly clean as well. I love it here and couldn't see myself growing up any place else.
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Saint Matthews is a diverse and interesting area. I have lived here my whole life. We have cute local shops as well as larger shopping centers and stores everyone knows and loves. We are a cute and welcoming community, celebrating our differences. Only about a fifteen minute ride to other parts of Louisville by car, but we also have multiple Tarc stops if you need a lift.
St. Matthews is a very, safe place to live. I feel well protected in my neighborhood. I don't have any recommendations.
It is a beautiful neighborhood. Feels safe, clean, friendly people, located next to two beautiful seminary campuses and Cherokee park.
St.Matthews is a very safe place to live. The only bad thing I can think of St.Matthews is the bad traffic.
The area now known as St Matthews was first settled by Colonel John Floyd in 1779. Colonel Floyd, who had conducted one of the first surveys of Louisville in 1774, acquired 2,000 acres of land from participants in the French and Indian Wars. His homestead came to be known as Floyd’s Station. In the 1840’s, the community, which was centered around the present day intersection of Breckenridge Lane and Shelbyville Road, was known as Gilman’s point, after a local tavern owner Daniel Gilman. The name of St Matthews was adopted around 1850, after the St Matthews Episcopal Church, which still exists. The town was incorporated as a city in 1950. Read more at
St. Matthews is my home and part of the city of Louisville, which is a large city with a small town feel. Activities are always available for young individuals and
there are many things to do including concerts, festivals, local farmers markets,
just to name a few.
Really nice place to be an adult, teen, kid, or parent. There are parks and schools and places to eat around every corner! There is no way to be bored with cute little stores and local restaurants to eat. Anywhere from the fishery to Half Peach to Lazer Blaze to Peppermint. Even enjoy the local football game at Trinity High School (we locals love the loud whistles and announcer man).
Great place to live. Close by to shopping, food, and night life. Safe neighborhoods and friendly neighbors. I would change the traffic at rush hour.
St. Matthews is a fantastic place to live. There is a plethora of things to do for such a small part of town. There are fantastic restaurants in the area and plenty of shopping. The Oxmoor and St Matthews malls have plenty of stores to chose from. Also, St. Matthews has a fun night life for college students and young professionals. Overall, I would highly recommend living in this part of Louisville.
I love the suburb of St. Matthews. There are so many amazing restaurants, parks, coffee houses, bars, and other activities to do. People are constantly running, riding bikes, and staying fit. St. Matthews is an incredible place for a wide range of ages with something to do for everyone.
As a member of the community of St. Matthews, it's a very large town that is considered on the wealthier side of Louisville. But I also live near Crescent Hill which is small and hippy. My father works as a construction worker for St. Matthews and loves the town for its friendly hospitality and loving neighborhood. I like these towns because they both offer completely different perspectives, were I hope one day they can both learn something from each other. But living in St. Matthews can come with a big price tag attached to it, though, don't let that take away from the town itself.
Never really here of much crime here
I love. It's peaceful and quiet. Theres an elementary and high school nearby, perfect for kids.
The patrols are always around its very safe
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I love everything about this area no complaints
Love the new area I live in. Wonderful atmosphere people are very friendly and safe neighborhood.
There's not much to say about where I live. It's a very ordinary American suburban community.
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