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It has everything you could ever want from a place to live. Outdoor activities, good weather, small city like feeling but with a country side as well.
St.George is beautiful the people a are friendly and the there is always something to do. I moved to St.George in elementary school and I loved it. I always felt safe to explore town. I grew up in a happy, safe, fun environment.
Saint George is a great town with many outdoor experiences such as mountain biking, hiking, and more available. There are great grocery stores like Harmon's. Shopping is average with stores spread throughout the city ranging from Target-local vintage shops. The only negative of the town is the lack of diversity in religion and political views.
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Saint George is a nice place to live. Most people come here to look at the beautiful arches here on this Dixie rock. I enjoy the area I live in and the restaurants here too. I feel pretty safe to walk on the streets, especially whenever I used to walk to the temple.
St. George is fantastic if you love the outdoors, which I do! There are so many sunny days and so many beautiful places to explore! There are so many different people here from all over the world because of it. The only downside is because theres so many people and it is a smaller city the roads are often congested.
Smaller, growing population in southern Utah. 4-6 hours from 7 states, several big cities including Las Vegas, state and national parks and so much more! Perfect place to live for people that enjoy a small town feel but still want like to be near lots of things to do!
Saint George is a very family-friendly neighborhood. It's not too small and yet it's not so big that you get lost. The university here is nationally accredited and it's about a quarter of the cost of all major universities in the state of Utah. We are located centrally between 5 national parks so there's hiking, skiing, fishing, playing around, and camping. You get the best of all the seasons where you can leave to visit snow but you don't have to live in it . It does get really warm in the summers only a 110 but it is so worth it to enjoy the outdoors here. The food and the gas are all affordable everybody you meet is really nice and there's always something to do that doesn't cost you a lot. Saint George is an up-and-coming town it is growing every year. If you're looking for a laid-back casual place to make your life this is a good place for it to be. Life is good here!
Waaaaaay to religious and stuck up, but extremely beautiful. Growing up in st George I was ridiculed fairly often for not being Mormon mostly in school. but other than the religious part their are so many Outdoor activities and an all around good layout of the city they did a great job With the infrastructure preparing for the growth.
I’ve been living here for 6 years and I love it! St. George is such an easygoing town! There’s so many things to do outdoors and the community is super friendly!
St. George is a lovely place to live with nice people, Fun and lots of food and shopping! A very good place to live if you like the heat. Good for kids and college students. If you like to explore and hike check out the national parks nearby!
It is an amazing place full of beauty, red rocks, mountains, and full of a fun lifestyle. There is over 7 golf courses within the town. By being the nation's fastest growing town there is plenty of housing for sale and real estate. This place is an amazing place to live.
This town needs more shopping, food and nightlife. It's an ever-growing city that needs to regulate traffic and the roads as if it is growing and the current residents need to accept that it's growing as well.
I've have lived in St. George my whole life and I have always loved it. The environment that I am surrounded with and the great people in the neighborhoods makes it a great place to live. There isn't a ton of diversity here in Southern Utah but everyone here has been very including and are willing to help out with anything. St. George is a great place to live if you're retiring or even raise a family.
I have lived in the area for about three years now. The thing I love most about this city is the Red Rock everywhere. Its landmark beauty is the reason I stay. Since living here my mind space has excelled in many ways. I live a healthier, and happy life. I love the warm weather it has to offer, meaning NO snow.
The only thing I would change about St. George is how many people need to move here! Experience it all for themselves. Or just come visit and see what the land has to offer.
If you're not Mormon or elderly, St. George is not the town for you. There are two demographics: teenagers/college-aged students and senior citizens. There is very little to do in the town, the local university is a dead-end in terms of parties and events, and the city is poorly constructed. There is one main road that goes through the city and the streets are awkward and poorly built. People are terrible drivers here; they follow too close behind you and there seems to be an accident at least once a week. The city is beautiful and there are some great hikes to go on, but this is strictly a city to visit and not live in. Stay away from this city.
The weather is perfect. You get all 4 seasons here. It doesn't snow much but it's not a far drive to play in snow. However, it is a sheltered town with little culture. Poor career opportunities. Not good variety of food options or activities. It is slowly getting better though. Pay is horrible and cost of living is too much.
St. George is a growing town with many new business opportunites and schooling opportunities. With great temperatures throughout the majority of the year it's a major city for outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, swimming, boating and more. Many major National Parks are located within just hours of St. George like Zions, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Snow Canyon.
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it’s a good place close to zions and has a bunch of lakes, however it’s pretty much for retired people. No job opportunities at all, the only people that work here are in construction so if you aren’t in construction then the chances of you getting a job are pretty low.
St. George is a beautiful place to live. If you love hiking and camping this is a great place for you. It's a fairly small city but not too small. I love it!
I love how close I am to many different hiking places. I also enjoy that I can enjoy the snow in the winter without having to live in it as we have a ski resort only a 1hr 20min away.
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